Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out Here Having Fun in the Warm California Sun

So far the new year has started out with great warm weather. There is a lot of stuff going on right now at the Parks. So let's head down there. But first ...

Work starting back up for the expansion of the Buzz Parking Lot

Arriving at the parks. "Go Wild In Both Parks"

First stop, Disney's California Adventure

Those that are getting AP's get a little flier on where to get their AP processed

Where are the crowds?? I don't think this park will be extending it's park hours

What's happening in California Adventure

I wonder why Disney chose to do a Jungle theme

Silly Symphony Swings in the Guide Maps

Hollywood Walls

Park attendance will decide on how the flow of traffic will be

Decorations on the wall

Vintage Disney movie posters. Possibly to show Guests the time era this new Hollywood are will represent

Walls over by Tower of Terror

If it weren't for the dark brown color, this wall could be camouflaged to it's surroundings

The temporary passage to Bugs Land and Paradise Pier

The passage way displays in the Guide Map as well

More palm trees

With Grizzly down, the basin is full of water

Work continues for World of Color and the surrounding area

Silly Symphony Swings

It looks like the palm trees in the round is complete

The re-route path by Pizza Mow Mow

I am sure the Rustworthy will be getting some nice counts from those that want to peek over the wall

New lampposts

Grizzly trail out of service

Going back through Hollywood, now on the other side of the wall

The new AP processing center in Stage 12

Heading to Disneyland

What's happening in Disneyland


No upside celebration hats with flowers on the lamp posts... yet

Soon to be Captain EO

Painting taking place


Small World still in Holiday mode

More walls

The smoking section looks to have moved back to it's old place next to where the old Fantasyland Autopia station used to be

And again, more walls

New table cloths (?)

This font looks more like it would fit in with Liberty Square

Where's Tom and Huck? They would have been great to be out here again with a half finished wall


Until next time

Thanks for looking :)