Monday, May 8, 2017

A Message To My Readers

Hello Magic Eye Readers.

First and foremost I just want to apologize for not doing updates the last month as I was dealing with some personal stuff that I couldn't ignore.

What I was dealing with, and in a way continue to deal with, took place even before my last update. I thought I could do the updates and deal with what I needed to take care of.  And for a while, it looked like I could. After all, I had done it a couple of times before, and so I thought "If I could do it then, I can do it now". But, unfortunately, I couldn't.

As I wasn't able to get to the Disneyland Resort that after the Autopia update, it was rough. But I knew I had other things that needed my attention. It was hard and disappointing because I knew I wasn't able to supply you the pictures you have come to look forward to.  Typically in the past, I would state that I wouldn't be able to make it. But I though, eh, what's one weekend. I'll be going the following week and everything will be fine.

The next week came, and I couldn't get away. Then the following week came, and I still couldn't get away.  Soon, it became a month, and then more than a month.  At first I felt guilty about not being able to bring to you the weekly pictorials. As each week passed and I couldn't get to the Disneyland Resort, it was hurting me. As much as I told myself that "This week I will make time" and not being able to fulfill on that promise I made to myself, it had gotten to the point that I didn't even want to think about it.  I had already stepped away, that I wasn't sure if I would ever get back to my routine. 
You know what? I want to tell you a secret. A deep, dark secret. Even though it was hurting that I couldn't get to the Disneyland Resort on Fridays, or any other day, after that hurt had subsided, I was somewhat relieved.

I mean, doing the weekly pictorial is a lot of work as it takes time and effort. I love going and I enjoy taking pictures. But the whole process can wear me down. There were mornings, getting up at 6:30 am to get ready, and I didn't feel like I wanted to get out of bed. When rainy days came, I would get this sort of happy feeling because I knew that I didn't have to get down there. Because I don't like the rain and I don't want my camera to get wet. So it became like free days. I was free to do anything else. And you know, can always make up for it the following week.
During this time that I had to take care of stuff made me think about the past. I have been doing my blog since 2009. And like clockwork, practically every week, with the exception of when I would go on vacation or something, I would always go to the Disneyland Resort. And I just have to say, that at times I felt like the blog has been running my life. The blog was always first priority. Everything was planned around my blog, making sure I would somehow get to the Disneyland Resort at least once a week to take pictures. Because the blog took priority, other things in and around my life were, at times, sacrificed. Of course, my way of thinking was that even though it was an inconvenience at the time, in the long run, it would all work out for me and everything will be fine and dandy. Little did I know that things wouldn't be so bright after all. As I was beginning to miss opportunities in my life, I slowly began to realize that I was missing out on doing a lot of things because I was so focused on the blog.

A close friend of mine, who used to go with me on my visits, once said that the blog is not a job. That if I miss one, two, three weeks, etc., it shouldn't matter to me because it's not a job.  I thought he was talking nonsense. I knew it wasn’t a job. I knew I didn’t have to do it. But it made me happy, made me feel like there was some sort of purpose with what I am doing. , and that I owe it to those who visited Every now and then that comment would pop in my mind, but I would always think about my readers, and that would give me the push to go and take the pictures.
After some thought, at this moment in time, I may step back a bit from doing it every week.
I want to thank those who have supported me over the years and those who have recently discovered the blog.

When I do a new post, I will definitely tweet about it.

Until Next Time…