Thursday, January 26, 2012

Summer Warmth Without the Crowds in Late January

What a day it was today. The weather was great!  With the great weather, let's go visit the Disneyland Resort

Because it has been slow, there hasn't been a need to get to the Disneyland Resort right at 10:00.  Although today, we still got there about 15 minutes after opening.

Who wants their picture taken with the ugly World of Color platform in the way?!

Ah, progress going on at the Paradise Pier shops

Scaffolding down from the Man Hat N' Beach store

Looking at the stores as we head down the ramp to Mickey's Fun Wheel

Looking at the Man Hat N' Beach store front from the Fun Wheel's gondola

Finally! Some orange

Radiator Springs Racers Courthouse with the neon signs in front

Luigi's Flying Tires

Scaffolding can be seen on the back side of Cars Land mountain range facing Katella Blvd

Pavement work progress in front of the Little Mermaid building... smooth and flat, just like before

An orange Cozy Cone

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Radiator Springs Racers

Obviously more work is needed before it's finished

Repainting the railings along the Pier.  Originally these were the teal color. Now they are more like a forest green

Looking towards the Paradise Pier shops

Midway Mania once again with a short wait

Before and after colors

Inside the Little Mermaid queue, no longer needed to go all the way down to the window and back. A small opening has been created to prevent Guests from constantly ducking under the railings.

While walking through the Pacific Wharf, noticed the windmill facing another direction

Backside of Sarge's Surplus Hut

Neon on

Inside the Blue Sky Cellar, a small update in the glass case

Buena Vista Street construction

A view of Cars Land from "a bug's land"

Disneyland time!

Scaffolding on the Matterhorn

The Autopia grandstand without its shade covering

Buena Vista Street construction as seen from the Disneyland Monorail

At Downtown Disney station, looking out and noticed set up for the Tinkerbell Marathon taking place on Sunday

Matterhorn refurbishment

Happy Lunar New Year

Forget the once proposed "International Street" behind Main Street, this avenue should become the new "International Street"

Mansion back to classic version

It was funny as both these gallery doors opened at the same time. But the one on the left wasn't in operation at the time

The dragon pit off limits

Have these decorations in the Emporium always been there behind the registers?

Cool shirts. Cool enough that I bought one of each

Heading out for the day

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thanks for your patience and stopping by to check it out

Until Next Time...