Thursday, January 19, 2012

Construction Work During a Slow Day at the Disneyland Resort

Today my friend and I had to drive today instead of our usual walk to the Resort because we had to do some other stuff after the Parks.

One of the smartest moves made was to get rid of that hideous marquee for the "Magic, Memories, and You". Now all they need to do is get rid of the flags.  But of course, that probably won't come until the relaunch of Disney California Adventure in just a few short months

World of Color on a small refurbishment

The walls in front of the Little Mermaid, for the repaving, received a few signs

Goofy shopping while he waits for Guests to take pictures with him

Parade speakers have been removed

It was so slow at Disney California Adventure, it almost felt empty

A temporary roof here...

...possibly a test to see how it would look before they build a permanent one here??.  This is where the Man-hat n' beach Jack-in-the-Box clown marquee used to be.

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Curb Feeler neon sign is on

Cozy Cone Motel food stations

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

The new facade where the clown used to be

How much longer before these start to look orange?

What's that on the right, behind the tree?  A possible "Fastpass Distribution" sign for Radiator Springs Racers??

Looks like the neon is on at Luigi's

Status of the repaving in front of Mermaid

At 10:53am, there is hardly a wait for Midway Mania. That's how slow it was. ha ha

Duffy's meet n' greet back to normal

More of the parade speakers removed

Looking into Cars Land

This kitty was watching the birds in the grape vines outside the Blue Sky Cellar

Buena Vista Street construction.  The facades are starting to get shape

Looking at the frame work for the possible "Welcome to Radiator Springs..."

First signs of a finished surface?

There were 2 conduit pipes coming from those holes..  Maybe they did not like how visible they were..

Yesterday,  Phinea and Furb performed in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot as a test, even though the Times Guide stated by the Golden Zephyr.  With the tape of the ground, could they be performing here again

Larry Nikoli roaming the Backlot

Still working on this.  At least I can now read what it states

What looks different here...

The little picture inside the sign is still missing

Look at all the signs to make sure Guests see them

Disneyland time

Snow has melted off the Castle rooftops

If it's not going to be used, get if off stage!

Matterhorn with scaffolding

Checking out Buena Vista Street from the Monorail

Trolley tracks in place

The Matterhorn station getting to'e up

In the distance, a new bobsled can be seen

To'e up!

Lunar New Year celebration in Fantasyland.  I take it that there will be no more Family Fun Weekends at the Big Thunder Ranch

Construction work is taking place at the dragon pit for Fantasmic!

Mardi Gras decorations starting to pop up in New Orleans Square

Looks like they are brushing the side of the mountain

Practically Perfect

I have noticed that since Jolly Holiday Bakery opened, a number of business casual Cast Members have been getting food here. Maybe they want to see how the new restaurant is.  If that is the case, I think they should do it on their own time when they come into the Parks as a Guest


Heading out, looking at the construction for Buena Vista Street

So much yellow

The side of the mountain range of Cars Land

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thank you for your patience and for stopping by

Until Next Time..


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  2. I love seeing the construction and how it has progressed!