Thursday, February 18, 2010

Warm Day Equals Busy Time

With the warm days, the 2fer, and ( I think ) some schools out for holidays, the Parks have been busy.

Usually I would see this area very empty and quiet when I get to the resort. But this time, this area was bustling with Guests

- Disney's California Adventure - 

With Disney's California Adventure busy, the walkways in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot were crowded 

With the high number of Guests in the Park, it seems that it may have had a role in Tower of Terror's Fast Pass being open today

Francis' Ladybug Boogie was open

Scaffolding now on the Golden Zypher

The small barricades were moved and now the whole walkway is now open

Looks like bubble machines were placed on the new lamp posts

Another shot of the Zypher with scaffolding

Construction for World of Color

The walls over by the Screamin' launch were removed

with new sections of wood

Another shot of the Zypher as my friend and I head to the Fun Wheel

What's this! A section of track for Racers has been put into place

And in this shot one can see Snow Whites Electrical parade float

That was fun!

Because other people were put into the same gondola with my friend and I, I wasn't able to get any shots of Silly Symphony Swings from the air

All the happy faces

Some people seem upset that the Silly Symphony Swings crown is not unique enough for Disney standards. But the concept drawing even states that the attraction will have the "standard zierer crown"

- Disneyland - 

The walls are finally down and this does not look like an AP processing center to me

Valentine decor is still in Town Square.  With Feb 14 gone until next year, I think these pieces look tacky

The entry way has been repainted. It still calls out to see the shrinking and enlarging machine 

Over at the Haunted Mansion, I had noticed this the past couple of times I visited the attraction. They now seem to stop Guests here (for the time being) instead of closer to the house doors 

Work still continues on the river

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