Friday, November 23, 2012

From Night to Light and a Peppermint Treat

I didn't get to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family.  And it didn't bother me too much as I don't eat Thanksgiving food.  Later on, I decided to go to Disney California Adventure to check some stuff out

The new Parts 'N' Stuff neon sign that replaced the old Radiator Springs Racers Fast Pass distribution sign

Ramone's House of Body Art store expansion into the old FP distribution opened up

Finally saw Cozy Cone Christmas tree and the Cozy Cone stars lit up

Made it over to Mad T Party

Even the Mad T Party gets into the Christmas spirit

Cute Vinylmation

Now went back to the Disneyland Resort.  Got up at 7am for an 8am opening

Still a little foggy

But no crowds to get into either Disney California Advneture or Disneyland. Maybe they are all at the stores for Black Friday

The line up for Radiator Springs Racers Fast Pass goes down Hollywood Blvd

Minnie Mouse in front of Tower of Terror

Leaving Disney California Adventure until the fog lifts

Disneyland time

Getting started on the 20 days of Candlelight

Christmas tree lights

Why is everyone pressed up against the Candy Palace window

Oh! Candy Canes

Princess Fantasy Faire construction

As you can see, with the recent removal of a couple Big Thunder Fast Pass machines, the walk way is wider for Guest flow

One quick shot of Princess Fantasy Faire while walking to the old Fantasy Faire location

The ATM and... wait, what's that in the corner

A family restroom

The water fountains even have rails to separate people from those who want to replenish their thirst

I wonder how many of the guys love wearing the kilts ;)  ha ha

Heading back down Main Street to Disney California Adventure, the sun is finally coming out

Minnie Mouse... as a dog?! ha ha.  Or maybe acting like a real mouse

Sorry for the jump, but now back to Disney California Adventure

The front of the Paradise Pier hotel looks to be completed with the new paint job

Radiator Springs Racers!

Day shots of Ramone's expansion

Over at the Casa Della Tires

Luigi's Flying Tires have recently installed the old spinning joy sticks

Can't spin me round round

The dome like pieces that covered it up previously when they were first removed

Obviously they re-installed them for show purposes since they are made to look like the air valve and cap for  tires

Over at Elias & Company, a while ago I showed you the storybook like window displays from the Silly Symphony short "Santa's Workshop".

Inside, they have continues with scenes from the animated short

Presents under the tree!

Last Saturday they removed the walls and the planter was revealed

While walking back home, noticed the poor photoshoped image of Knott's Xcelerator on a different coaster track.

That will conclude today's pictorial
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  1. During the summer that kilt might be refreshing ;-)

  2. Incredible photos! Nothing beats the magic of Disney in the run-up to Christmas.

    Best wishes, Alex