Monday, November 5, 2012

Checking Out Some New Christmas Decor on Buena Vista Street

Christmas time is coming to Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure.

Tonight we head to Disney California Adventure to see the Christmas tree lit up on Buena Vista Street as well as some other decorations

From this point one can see the top of the Buena Vista Street Christmas tree as well as the wreath on the Carthay Circle tower

The lamp post have garland wrapped around the poles

We finally reach the center piece of Buena Vista Street Christmas

A Christmas wreath on Carthay Circle tower

Close up of the wreath lights

Isn't that a pretty bow

From the star that sits at the top of the tree...

..down to the base of the tree with its presents
You can see a throwback to the Carolwood Pacific Railroad barn (Walt's Barn)

The toys found at the base are what kids might have found underneath their Christmas tree in the 1930's

Choo! Choo!

Smoke comes out of the smoke stack.  The train didn't move along the track.  Not sure if it's suppose to or of it is meant to stay stationary

A look at the Christmas tree decorations

Red Car Trolley

Morty and Ferdie Feildmouse

Clarabelle and Horace Horsecollar

Donald Duck

And just like the comics, Ferdie went missing



Mickey and Minnie

Clara Cluck

Some random Christmas tree decorations

Inside Elias and Co., the jewelry has been replaced with Christmas merchandise

About to head out.

More decorations have been placed on Buena Vista Street...

The Buena Vista Street bridge with garland strung across it.  The backside of the bridge had the lights on

The windows on Buena Vista Street have been "cleaned up".  Now the window displays are Christmas themed

Inside Elias and Co, a Christmas tree has been added to the upstairs balcony

The mannequin's have been redressed

That will conclude this pictorial
Thanks for stopping by and checking it out

Until Next Time...

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