Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rebar Madness

Only one day left before Holiday Time begins!

*clicking on a picture will make it bigger

First stop, California Adventure.

The orange boarder is missing the words "Golden State"

And the Christmas tree is still located in the old Christmas Tree Point

Heading towards the World of Color construction and the Fun Wheel

The Christmas Tree and Santa's gazebo in the background

World of Color Construction

Santa's meet and greet gazebo

Has there been a picture of this "light tower" fully raised. I couldn't remember, so I just took a snap shot of it just in case

New hand sanitizers are being installed throughout the resort to promote health awareness

Looks like new wood behind those rocks

Silly Swings work

This little floating boat reminded me of the Tomorrowland Flying Saucers, just on water

Lift work

rebar madness

The light for Mickey's face was moved from atop the San Francisco building to above the Cover Bar. Seems that the newly planted trees may block the light and/or cast a shadow on the fun wheel face

Hollywood get's more decorated

One last look at the Golden Gate Bridge before heading towards Disneyland

Floral Mickey

It is amazing how little decorations are at Disney's California Adventure, and then BAM! Disneyland is totally decorated

Are those new colored banners ?

DMX box for dimming lights for the ice lights and the bushes

The Castle may not look completely finished, and there is a chance it will not all be ready for the first day of the Holiday time promotion

It looks like Monstro is protecting himself from getting ill

Small World Holiday getting ready to open tomorrow

Set to open in 2 days

What's going on here? I am confused. Fall/Halloween decor seems to dress up the front

but Christmas adorns the dinning and performing area

Reloading the confetti cannons after Tiana's Showboat Jubilee

The Splash Barn and the shops get some garland

Heading back out and enjoying the Christmas music that is playing

Thanks for looking

See you next time


  1. nice pictures.
    The confetti guy is hot, can we put him in the cannon and shoot him towards me

  2. It looks like a great place to go, Specially to Hollywood. I always wanted to go to that studio to check where they did those amazing movies.