Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Want This Spot Here Filled With Princess Merchandise

It was so nice to go back to the Parks on my normal Thursday.  Compared to last Friday, today was a bit more tolerable.

Started at the Toy Story Lot again. With this long line taking place, it took about 27 minutes from getting in line to arriving at the drop off in the Esplanade

Heading towards Tower of Terror

People must have read the Disney Blog reminding everyone to catch Aladdin before it goes away Aug 15

This area is still closed. 

These look like peaches beginning to grow

The steal structure as seen from the Pacific Wharf restrooms

Taking a step back from the previous spot

Paradise Park.. still delayed from yet another "opening" date of March 20

"In Yo Face!" princess stuff.  Not only will there be strollers in my way for picture taking, but also a lot of mama's and papa's browsing and buying

The time laps camera is missing

-Aboard Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Normally I don't do shots with the cage of the gondolas displayed in the pictures. But with the crowds being as they are, and the CM's putting small groups together in the same gondola (which I have no problem with), for some time, my pictures will have the cage displayed when I have no other way of getting shots

I am looking forward to how this structure turns out.  It seems that some people don't understand why Disney is taking it's time with the structure and just get the Swings (which is a simple ride) into operation. But with Mickey's Fun Wheel getting shafted out a nice queue, especially when the model in the Blue Sky Cellar has a wrap around structure, it is wonderful that this structure is still going strong and wasn't cut for any budget reasons. 

Little Mermaid construction 

Radiator Springs Racers

Another look at the swings

The Golden Zypher with the tarps down

45 minutes! Good Lord that's a long wait!

A small shed tucked away in some new bushes

Looks like the remaining lamp posts behind the wall all have brackets in place for the bubble machines


I haven't really seen much of a line for this, although every performance I have attended have been at least 75% full

Looks like the placed a tarp at the end of the tunnel

Work around the river

The water wheel is gone

Yeah, I really think they did a nice job with this area

These are just way too cool!

That's about it for today

Thanks for looking

Until next time


  1. GRAND As always ..Mahalo for the time you take for those of us far away.Cheers Karen~

  2. Anyone know what this is?