Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Weeks Latest Progress

The one day I get an early start to the Disneyland Resort, I totally missed out on the Sherman Brothers dedication door

Some work in progress for the new lots

-Disneyland Resort-

Additional signs have appeared in the Main Entry Plaza as well as California Adventure's entrance gate, telling Guests where to pick up strollers and wheelchairs

-Disney's California Adventure-

An eye catcher of clothing with some of Mickey Mouse's memorable cartoon shorts

Over by Tower of Terror, the walled off section has now been pushed to the other side 

Heading to the Fun Wheel

Paradise Park is going green...

...and so is the Silly Symphony Swings fence. But don't worry about the blue, it's just painters tape

It appears that they are installing the wiring for what could be lamp posts

The structure is getting me excited on how detailed this could actually be. I hope I am not disappointed

Mermaid work

Looking at the "test track" for Racers

It may be hard to see, but there seems to be some wires that sort of run up and down and across the platform. Is it for extra support of the stage

Here, one can see the raised wires a bit better as they run atop the stage

Mmmm... the smell of Wysteria


Attraction posters have graced the once bare naked wall. There will be more pictures of this a bit later. I want to wait until the vagrant kid got out of my shot

Don't feed the birds with these paper confetti 

It appears the cement has completely disappeared 

All they need to do now is just add water

Some musical pirates in front of Pirates of the Caribbean

"it's a small world" received its new marquee sign 

Honestly, myself, I don't really care for it because it doesn't seem to match the facade of Small World. I think if they had just done back to the old style marquee (gold and white awning with the blue oval "it's a small world" sign and a gold and white topper), it would have been much classier

How it all looks from the tree planter. The posters are a nice touch because it easily transitions to the posters in the tunnel

Another look 

The poster outside... the small print poster

with Disneyland Park

If only the attraction was as exciting as this poster

I guess Disney's California Adventure does not have any place to get a replacement stroller

That is it for today
Thanks for looking

Until next time

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