Friday, March 19, 2010

First Day Spring Break Crowds

With today being the first day of the new Toy Story parking lot, my friend and I wanted to check it out.
I knew there would be a possibility of the Parks being very busy today. I know earlier in the week, Disney's California Adventure has had to extend out the Hollywood and Golden State area with an 8p.m. closing time

All the shuttles lined up waiting to take Guests to the Disneyland Resort

Heading into the new Toy Story lot

Parked in Woody

One can purchase tickets here before getting on the shuttles, which should be a convenience to many Guests

Getting on the shuttle to head to the Disneyland Resort

Looking back at where the shuttles dropped us off at. From the shuttle pick up to the entrance to Disney's California Adventure, it took 22 minutes

This is the route we took. I think they have been testing the shuttle route the past couple of days, so this may or may not change 

Doesn't look so bad going into Disney's California Adventure

Disneyland seems a bit more busy

Once inside, it seemed a bit busy. At this time, the High School Musical 3 stage show was just about to begin

Clear walk all the way through

Whoa! There is a crane

A new section of wall

The dome that has been missing the past few weeks has been replaced

Taking a look from the Paradise Pier bridge of all the work

Taking a picture of the swings while waiting in line for the Fun Wheel. The wait time for the Fun Wheel was 27 minutes for the non swinging one. And because of the huge demand, the Cast Members were placing small groups together in the same gondola. The following pictures taken from the Fun Wheel may not be the best due to me not being able to get into the right position to take the pictures 

The steel that has been erected so far

The middle projector on the stage was gone and a new hole in its place on the platform

It looks like a new light that is aimed at where Mermaid will be

A bubble machine ??  Could it be used for the Nemo section of World of Color?  This was the only one seen so far

So busy even the Tortilla factory had a line. I guess to bring in the Guests, they didn't have Guests watch the presentation.

The bunting looks bright

As my friend and I are heading out, a nice flow of Guests are entering

EO with an extended queue. When I walked by, all the Guests were well down the ramp

A princess treat at the Fantasy Faire

Last week, took a day picture of the new installed Small World sign, the following 3 are night time shots

Lit up with LED's

Spring Time at the Big Thunder Ranch

Today seemed like there were more tables occupied than in recent times

Was this sign always here?

A real live turtle!

Some scaffolding seen through the Nature Wonderland tunnel

Stroller parking!

R.I.P Fess

Water now flowing through

Heading out, all the vehicles have stopped 

It looks like a traffic jam

The vehicles couldn't go through the gates (getting ready for the Celebrate! A Street Party) next to the firehouse because the Firehouse Band with Chip and Dale were performing at the gate.  

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look

Until next time


  1. Great pictures. That is a custom made bubble machine on the speaker pole. It looks like they modified the front of it to fit a ColorBlast 12 LED unit. This could add another dimension of color to the bubbles as they are floating.

  2. Thanks for the update!

    Oh, your red bus path is wrong, as that path would take you right through the middle of Carsland construction.