Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today Felt Like A Repeat

Even though there is stuff going on at the Parks, nothing really stands out at the moment because overall it seems like everything is the same

Just a couple of pictures of the work being done on the "Toy Story Lot"

It is about 12:30 and there is a back up heading up to the Goofy level

- Disney's California Adventure -

The smoking area temporarily moved next to Stage 12

The AP center not in operation right now

Special event over by Stage 17

The palm trees are now open. The palm trees are a bit yellow for being tied up for so long. They didn't get a lot of sun light

Looking at the Swings as my friend and I go on the Fun Wheel

More track being installed

Mermaid work

According to some "sources"some time ago, because of all the work that is being in front of Mermaid, Disney does not plan on running the Parade(s) through here any time soon. Things may change, but I have a feeling that the short route will be used through Summer

Streamers from High School Musical

- Disneyland -

Looks like they drained the water and tore up some of the concrete work that was done last week

The fast pass distribution closed ... 

... because I think the Spike room is being worked on

Pecos Goofy

The bobsleds still under rehab

I think I enjoy this show much more as an adult than when I was younger 

No sitting on the job Goofy!

Is this the area where the doors for the trams are being installed?

That concludes todays pictorial
Thanks for taking the time to look

Until next time

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  1. A 'Usual Day' but still nice to see the work progressing. Thanks : )