Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happiest Walls On Earth

While most people are at the D23 Expo taking place across the street, I decide to check out the Disneyland Resort
Nice walls in front of the California letters

Why thank you. Now I won't get lost

The backside of the letters

World of Color Construction

This is seen from Ariels Grotto entrance patio section

A pile of rebar

Looks like rebar being shaped into something

The turkey cart was closed with a few walls around it

Woody and Jessie were out and about

Princess of the Prairie

Specifically for World of Color

Silly Symphony Swings construction

Hotel work

Jelly fish toppers

Only one tower was in operation

Next to the Paradise Pier Parade Gate, small pit where the ODV cart once stood

Apparently one of the towers is in the process of being repainted

The walls get narrow

Looks like sanding going on

Forget about the Celebration card, where's the Castle?

Walls in Tomorrowland

Space Mountain closed

And here is the reason

HISTA closed too

The little cottage

More walls, but the Village Haus is still open. You just have to enter through the side

Gosh, more walls!
And more!

Haunted Mansion closed for its yearly transformation

Hope you enjoyed!
I will be attending D23 Expo the next two days
See you next time

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