Friday, September 11, 2009

D23 Making of World of Color

At the Storytellers Theater, Steve Davison talks about the anticipated World of Color that will debut in 2010 at Disney's California Adventure

Now on with the show

Overhead view of the diagram of fountains

This gives an idea of how the show will be displayed

Showing the audience where the audience for the World of Color will be

With the Orange gone, makes for a great shot from the Paradise Pier Hotel

"Some of our actors"

Details of what the show incorporates

A CGI short of how the water can act when programmed
The following pictures are representations of what to expect when watching World of Color

First starts out with strobes and lazers

Then moves on to Tink with Little Squirt coming to life

Next is Colors of the Wind

Followed by April Showers
The following is a storyboard rough of the transition from Pocohantas to April Showers, with Heimlich

Followed by Colors of Wonderland

Next it is under the sea with the Jellies

But , no show is complete with the Villians!

The red areas are water screens in the back of the lagoon (Mania/Fun Wheel) and the green line represents the closest set of fountains. This would make those who stand at the edge of the railing feel like they are right in the middle of the "stampede"

I killed Mufasa!

"If you aren't already crying by this point, you soon will be"

If you haven't done so already, check out


  1. WOW !!!!!!!
    Almost sounds to good to be true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes it is I'm in total agreement with you is pretty wonderful

  3. Amazing picturs thanks for share, i love disney since I was a child it's very nice, thanks a lot.