Saturday, September 12, 2009

D23 We Make the Music Disney Theme Park Music

Right after Steve Davison's Making of World of Color, the next presentation was "We Make the Music: Disney Theme Park Music" which started 30 minutes after the WoC presentation.
Waited in the queue which was already broken up into 4 sections already. I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it into this viewing. Eventually I was able to enter the theater, but was about three quarters back from the stage.
Most of these shots are pictures from the side monitors because I was sitting in front of someone who blocked the chairs of the host and the music people.

I forgot his name, but apparently he has a hideous corduroy jacket

First up is Bruce

He talks about Spaceship Earth and how he had to create melodies that would easily transition from one scene to the next

At certain points, small clips of music were played

He talked about Ellen's Universe of Energy and even mentioned that it is a great attraction. And I agree, this is one of my favorite attractions at EPCOT

Next up, Joel

He talks about his work with Tokyo Disney Sea's Tower of Terror

A picture of him conducting the orchestra for the Tokyo attraction

A small clip of music was played

The music seemed to have put Joel in a trance

He talked briefly about the score for the Hall of Presidents

Up next was a two-for-one. Brendan and Valerie

This is a picture of their band. Can't remember the drummers name

The two of them playing at the piano. They composed the music for Toy Story: The Musical that is being played on the Disney Cruise

With a little help from Joel, they sang a small part from the Little Green Men song

After the two, it was now Richards turn

He talks about Tokyo's Tiki Room

His work for Reflections of China at EPCOT

And the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction

Unfortunately, there was no music played during his time. There were small difficulties with his iPod. But he did have some funny stories on how it was a bit difficult at first to get time notes with a stop watch, pencils, legal pads while on the attraction

Last but not least, Michael

He talks about being asked to do Space Mountain for Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris

Because Disneyland's was in pieces at the time, he and another member Mr Dennis (forgot his first name) had to go to Tokyo to ride theirs since it was identical to Disneyland's. But first, a stop at Disneyland Paris. This had to take place within 6 days.
Michael talked about getting off the plane with bags in hand and litterally heading straight to DLRP to ride Space Mountain after the park closed. After they spent the whole night there riding it and taking notes, it was off to Tokyo and do the same thing.

According to Michael, he looks angry. Keen eyes will note that the shirt he is wearing in the picture is identical to the shirt he is wearing at the presentation

A job well done


  1. The guy in the cord jacket is Jeff Kurtti he does awesome Disney books!

  2. This blog is amazing I never thought that create an add had a lot of job its scenery, music and everything that you need to do it is great.

  3. I hate the soundtrack of certain for Disney movies.. they turns me into a bored sleepy head in no time. Why Disney entertainment always uses classical music as the main frame ?