Saturday, September 12, 2009

D23 Imagineering the Future of Disney Parks

Jay Rasulo took us behind the magic with details on several new projects.
Aww... Bambi
The Man that started it all
Lets start with the show
Jay talks
Starts off like all of Walt's stories
The different catagories that will be talked about
First off, Fantasy...
At Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland will indeed get its expansion
Guests can visit the Cottage of Briar Rose
Guests can see Cinderella at her chateu
See her transform for the ball
become a princess
At Briar Rose's cottage
Guests can celebrate with Aurora her 16th birthday, since she never had one
Guests can visit with Belle
Reinact the story of Beauty and the Beast
Dine in the Beasts castle
Gaston's place decorated with antlers
Ariel's Adventure comes to Fantasyland
Dumbo will have a twin
Guests won't wait in line, they will have fun in interactive queues
Pixie Hallow
Next up was the Cruise Line
Showing the scope of how the ship measures up to other objects
Alaska is one of the stops
A new Hawaiian hotel
The expansion over at Hong Kong Disneyland
This attraction will have the launch like California Screamin'
The backwards effect like Everest
And the humor of ... Country Bears ??
Mystic Manor gets a great round of applause
Toy Story Land
The Jellyfish are now parachutes
Not Tomorrow-Land, but what tomorrow
EPCOT's Spaceship Earth is taking Guests into the 22nd century
And now back home
With Jay mentioning that Star Tours Next Generation will open up in 2014, the Emporer would not hear of that kind of opening date and must do it before 2011
After the presentation, looked around a bit
More like the Dream Snore.
Momma in the back with the ears
Momma waiting
Now going to go to see Tony and friends for a presentation of Small World


  1. Disney animated movies make me feel like a child over and over again. I still remember my favorite movie was the little mermaid. I used to watch it every day at home.

  2. I have read many articles about this topic but this is unique is very interesting and it has a lot of good pics... Well keep doing that good job thanks for all..

  3. Do you have more pictures of this awesome thematic park?