Friday, September 4, 2009

Mickey On A Stick

From first glance, this reminds me of the State Fair promotion Disney did back in the 1980's

Just like what was done over at the Mickey and Friends Tram area, work is also being done at the "rarely used" tram load/unload area of the Disneyland side

--- Disney's California Adventure ---

Lucky Fortune Cookery open

now heading over towards World of Color...

Some work over at Mermaid

welding taking place

I couldn't get a "clear" shot of the Swings due to someone sittind directly across from me in the stationary gondola

Did the license plates go all the way across the garage door? I can't remember. Is this the start of the removal of Pizza Omm Mow Mow?

One area of Disney mentions them having WAY too many AP's. And other area of Disney wants people to keep buying more. I don't get it

Walking by, this is like "WHOA!"

Wall•E gon•e

Structure next to Monsters Inc.

"Hay" Mickey!

--- Disneyland ---

Red out and about

Storybook / Casey work

Bridge all done. I wonder when the walls will come back

Something being covered up

And it's all around the moat

Look like lights of some sort

Atomic 300 DMX

Could these lights be for the firework spook-tacular "Halloween Screams" ?

Heading home as the rush heads in

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  1. please please please stop posting the images as the full 1600 res and just resizing them in the html to the smaller size. In this setup the browser still has to download the full size images and takes up tons of memory to do so! Link your images to the smaller sizes available from smugmug and make the URL in the anchor of the image point to the larger size if you want. This way people will get the bigger image if they click on it, but won't kill their browser trying to load your smaller images.

  2. Re: the Pizza Oom Mow Mow license plates, that's the way it's always been.

  3. The lights that are covered up are Martin Atomic Strobes.