Saturday, July 14, 2012

Visiting the Disneyland Resort on a Saturday

Can you believe it has been two weeks since I have last done a pictorial at the Disneyland Resort.  Work has been keeping me real busy, and with what little time I do have off, that I am just so worn out.

As you will see, not a whole lot has taken place

It's almost 8:30am and hardly anyone going into Disneyland.  Maybe they are all going in Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure is a walk-in! ha ha

More than facades...

These are actual shops you can browse through

As you can see, all the doors are open. So come inside!

The queue for Radiator Springs Racers FastPass Distribution

Love the tribute to Mickey's birthday

This area sure is bare

Not too long of a wait for Soarin' Over California

Hardly anyone getting a FastPass for World of Color

In fact, the rest of the Park is bare

Toy Story Midway Mania.  Over in Tokyo Disney Sea, they opened their own version called "Toy Story Mania"

Looking back as I walk into Cars Land from the Pacific Wharf


The street is crowded with Guests

It's just about 9:00am and this is the time being printed on the FastPass tickets

As you can see, they painted some more green on the sky part to try and blend in the grass cutout

I think the side of the building needs to be worked on too

Wow! Sure is quiet

Schmoozies without the cool hip sunglass cup sign

La Brea Carpets with the windows covered

The Arqyle Building which is where the busts with different hair pieces was

Some yellow lines at the Main Gate turnstiles

Heading to Disneyland

And look! A new map cover

Inside some information

A new map means new printing.  No more "Tormorrowland"

Some slow progress of Carnation Plaza Gardens into Princess Fantasy Faire

Over at Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage..

Some new railings are being tested

This is to try to prevent climbing and sitting on the rails

Pretty Matterhorn

And it's having technical difficulties

The Mountain Climbers take this opportunity to cross the track and go inside the mountain

Waits aren't that bad at 9:45am

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thanks for stopping by

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