Friday, July 16, 2010

Super Hot Day at the Disneyland Resort

What a scorching day at the Disneyland Resort. Not only was it a bit cooler yesterday, but supposedly there were less crowds. With the O.C. Fair starting today, I thought the Resort wouldn't be as crowded. But I was wrong.  

Don't let the clouds fool you

Heading towards the Pier

Checking out the construction work for Ornament Valley

Work continues on The Little Mermaid

Princess Dot's Puddle Park, the Bountiful Valley Irrigation park and Paradise Park's interactive fountains were all hits today, especially for the little ones

Better get your last rides in for the Maliboomer before summer ends. Why?

Because word going around is that Sept 7th (day after Labor Day), the Maliboomer will be closed.  Naturally, this date may change.

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Looks like Ramon's House of Body Art ( I could be wrong ) is being built as well

Looking at Mermaid's progress from across the bay


Crowded and hot!

Better get in your last ride(s), only 10 days left

I don't think I would want to ride on the Columbia in the heat

I noticed last week the Castle Banners had the red, white, and blue banners. Thought it was for All-Stars Parade they had the other day. Guess they decided to keep them up

Alice in Wonderland down for refurbishment

From July 19-23, Buzz will be down for a small minor refurbishment

Tron Cycle billboard
I think there was a blue one too, but it was covered up by trees from my angle

Going back to the Toy Story Lot via Harbor Blvd

Thanks for taking a look

Until next time

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