Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking Back - Disneyland Guide Book '66

Here is something I thought might be fun to look at, a Disneyland Guide Book from what appears to be possibly from the summer season in 1966

Let's take a look inside at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom

Back when ticket books were the norm 

Check out the "Coming Soon - Pirates of the Caribbean" 

The overall map has little to be desired for

Checking out the lands

Jungle Cruise, back when it was o.k. to fire at the hippos

New Orleans Square opened July 1966.
Pirates of the Caribbean won't open for another 8 months, in March of '67
Haunted Mansion would open in 1969

Shouldn't the show building for "it's a small world" be more closer to the Motor Boat Cruise than right behind Casey Jr and StorybookLand ?

The first version of Tomorrowland. Two versions of the Richfield Autopia are listed. The one by the Matterhorn Bobsleds would be eventually become the Fantasyland Autopia

One can sort of plan where they want to eat and how much they are willing to spend by the price ranges the book gives

A number of entertainment were presented until late night

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