Thursday, September 23, 2010

ConstructionTime to HalloweenTime

HalloweenTime is in full effect at the Disneyland Resort.

For some reason, this reminds me of Angelina Jolie. It must be the cheek bone and the full lips

This inside page of the guide map states all the things to check out only in California Adventure. 

The map now displays the new smoking section that was moved from the King Triton Carousel to its current location along the  Boardwalk billboards

Some walls over by the old stroller rental shop. Possibly getting ready to start taking down the mural

No more milkshakes in this yard

Supposedly by this time tomorrow, P.T. Flea's building will already be moved to its new location by Mulholland Madness. And when it opens back up, it will serve as a shaded seating area

Scaffolding and tarp all the way up the Maliboomer

Another look at the frame of P.T. Flea's building

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

As the Fun Wheel was making its cycle, there was a very short line, but out of nowhere the line grew just like that! And by the time it was time to start loading again, the line was long enough for the Cast Members to start placing small parties together in the same gondola.  And because of that, it was hard to get some great pictures today

Looks like everything that was the turquoise color is now becoming blue. I wonder of the launch port of the track will be painted the blue too!

The new name for the old Catch-A-Flav ice cream location

elecTRONica set-up in Sunshine Plaza

Looks like Flynn's Arcade facade is going up


Disneyland is promoting not only the Holiday overlays of Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion, but is also mentioning to visit California Adventure to check out World of Color and Tower of Terror

Mickey head planters at the Hub

Jack's box 

They caught on! And now it looks like no one can take pictures from this spot anymore 

Mine! Mine! Mine! 
They're back!

Walking through the  Rancho del Zacalo

The Halloween Tree

Looks like the turkey even has a fall themed ascot

Looks like the queen lost her head!

Princess and the Frog set up

No through access because...

...this wall blocks the path at the end. Only way to get around from that tier is going up some steps to the left or down some stairs to the right

Is this "mail box" new? 

The following pictures are from inside Haunted Mansion Holiday. Because I didn't use a flash, I tried my best to see if any of the pictures would come out with the settings I used

The moon in the station received some new animation

Some skull type lanterns in the seance room

Madame Leota's crystal ball is now a crystal ornament

The miniature bride

Is this chandelier a new prop in the graveyard scene? I don't recall seeing it before

Not bad for a Thursday

Well that will conclude today's pictorial

Thanks for looking
Until next time

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  1. I was there yesterday looking for you....I was looking for someone with a camera taking pictures of the construction. I was then going to yell, "Hey Mint, is that you?"