Thursday, September 16, 2010

HalloweenTime Eve

Woke up real early today, so my friend and I were able to get to Disney California Adventure before it opened.

They have the Pumpkin King Mickey, Pumpkin Queen Minnie, Sorcerer Donald, Skeleton Goofy with his friend ghosts along the Mickey and Friends Tram Route, but we didn't want to deal with the parking structure so we passed. And since it's the same decoration pieces for the last 5 years, we didn't feel it was worth it to go.

After getting off the Toy Story buses, we head over to Disney California Adventure!

Hmm, the murals still seem to be untouched here

Am I missing something, because it doesn't look like there were any missing tiles

Sunshine Plaza with the walls now with some minor decorations

Thought we should try to see if we can get a Fast Pass for World of Color

Walking by Mermaid

Stucco appearing on the side wall

Some scaffolding over by Mailiboomer

Checking out Mulholland Madness

Looks like the foundation for the relocation building of P.T. Flea's

Does anyone know how this guy in the middle is? The kids obviously knew who he was because as his small group w/Guest Relations Cast Member passed them by the Maliboomer, the kids asked their parents to see if they can ask to get a picture with him.  Because at the moment of the picture was taken, it doesn't seem like he wanted to be bothered, but he actually came up to the kids, got down on his knees to shake their hands and all.

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

The characters from "A Bug's Life" in the back waiting for a new home, possibly in Flik's Fun Fair

Whoops! Missed a spot

Looks like some minor painting of the rails out front of Midway Mania

"Between Sea, Sky and Smoke
Paradise Pier"

It seemed that a number of parents were upset that the smoking section was moved between King Triton Carousel and ScreamCam.  The smoke would easily travel over by the Guests, many with small children, of the Carousel so they moved up along the Paradise Pier billboards

Catch-A-Flav possibly just getting a paint job

This will soon be the home of Duffy, the Disney Bear

The Pacific Wharf with some holiday lighting

Getting everything ready for a move

The giant sign is back!

Why are there still GlowFest banners up?

Setting up for ElecTRONica

Some projectors

Removed the Sorcerer Mickey fountain temporarily

Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtains.  Muppet Vision 3D was closed today while they get things ready for ElecTRONica. Apparently this venue will be used to showcase 9 min preview clips of the new Tron : Legacy that will be out in theaters in December

Murals still there


Halloween decorations already popping up throughout the Park

Main Street U.S.A. with its typical HalloweenTime banners

Not only was Star Tours closed, but it appears (hopefully temporarily) that Buzz Lightyear was closed too

Tomorrow Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy will scare Guests during HalloweenTime!

Well look what's back! But where are the seagulls?

The opening between the dinning area and the Ranch was open so some people, including us, walked back here to check things out.

After some time, we both thought to ourselves that it's not really "open" just yet and that it should open tomorrow with the rest of HalloweenTime

The Ranch gate closed, but some Guests still wandered in from the dinning area

Filming taking place in Town Square of Main Street with The Evil Queen

A sign stating where the Toy Story Parking Lot is located

Checking out the construction of CarsLand

The huge tank of some kind is right up against this hotel. Nice view out the back windows if there are any

The tank is on the other side of the power lines.  Wonder what it's for?

The show building form the backside

That's it for today
Thanks for looking!

Until next time


  1. the guy in the picture is Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers

  2. That guy... Kevin Jonas?

    Looks like him to me.

  3. Yep....thats def a jonas brother

  4. The tank is a Thermal Energy Storage tank which will be used on the chilled water/AC system for Carsland. see

  5. That guy in the picture with the kids is Kevin from the Jonas brothers!!

  6. Do you think the big water tank it to help with the water for CarsLand AND for Paradise Bay? There has been a lot of issues with getting clean water in the Bay. Perhaps the water tank is part of the infrastructure to service both "lands".

  7. take more pictures from behind carsland those pictures are amazing! keep it up. love the updates.

  8. See comment #4. The Tank is a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tank. It is not related to WOC, or the water in the bay, or water pressure etc. Google the term Thermal Energy Storage and you will find quite a bit of info and pictures of similar tanks. This is the first large scale Thermal Energy Storage project at the Resort.