Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disney Cali-wall-ia Adventure

Right after Labor Day, Disney didn't hesitate on starting to close up major areas of Disney California Adventure. For those Guests who are visiting California Adventure, it must be hard for them to feel like they are getting their money's worth if they bought a 1-Day 1-Park ticket of $76.00 ($68.00 for Guests 3-9), especially when there are a lot of height requirements in California Adventure

Let's take a look at what is happening inside both Disney California Adventure and Disneyland

-Disney California Adventure-

In the distance, we can see walls up around the Sunshine Plaza Fountain

A closer look

A parade tower?

Are these survey markers?

Walls around the border of [old] Bountiful Farm

The walls leading into "a bug's land"

These new graphics on the walls display "postcards" of what is to come in Cars Land

A complete picture without a bench in the way

Looking a bit into Cars Land

It appears that all tubes are now painted with the new blue color

Little Mermaid construction

Over at Burger Invasion / Rustworthy section, more walls have gone up with new graphics on them

With Pizza Oom Mow Mow and restrooms gone, the walls state where they can go from there

Some of the new themed graphics

Old school Mickey and Minnie

More themed era Mickey and Minnie

Moving over into the Maliboomer area, more themed walls

Pluto sure does look excited to see that Paradise Pier is "going green". Could green mean park?

A nice day for a picnic 

A jolly day for a walk and swing

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Francis doesn't look happy to be placed in the middle of two cows

Night shots of the display windows at Seaside Treasures

Even the 'one way' arrows point in the direction Guests must go

Oh man, look who's back!

Hollywood Tower Hotel shop decorated in it's yearly Halloween theme

High School Musical playing in the Sunshine Plaza

Didn't take long to put stuff back up in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot street

Clouds appearing on the wall

Finally returned to Muppet Vision theater

When there isn't much to do in the Park

Soon to be Flynn's arcade

The futuristic mural is gone from the side

Another look at the map, it shows the Parade route going full course again


Jolly Holiday Mary and Burt

Disneyland seems a little busy for "off season"

Inside the Main Street Fortuosity shop 

A queue waiting for Innoventions to open

Whoa! What is that on the side of Space Moutain


Speakers for Ghost Galaxy

Projectors for Ghost Galaxy 

Can't display the Ghost Galaxy images on a dirty mountain

I think it's all the tarps and railing that are bringing people to the attraction. Ha Ha

Haunted Mansion Holiday with its decor

The font is now extended outward to give a more 3-D effect

The ribbons with some purple in them

Camouflage jet

Heading out and looking back towards the Castle

Can't wait!

Thanks for looking
Until next time! =)


  1. The futuristic banner has been gone for a LONG time!!!

  2. Wow, I knew a lot of construction was going on... But I didn't realize there was that much walled up in DCA!