Thursday, July 2, 2009

Disney, Don't Fail On Me Now

It looks like "June Gloom" has passed and it is starting to warm up nicely here in Anaheim. With this nice weather, it makes for a great day at the Disneyland Resort.
First stop, Disney's California Adventure.
It didn’t take long to get inside the Park. And it does not look like it is busy. Come to find out while walking through the Park, that it wasn't busy at all. Lines were really short with the exception of Grizzly River Run.

What is wrong with this picture?
Give up?
Thurs, Fri and Sun - 10am-9pm
Sun - 10am-10pm.
There are two Sundays with different closing times. Saturday is the day the Park stays open until 10pm. Disney better print up some leaflets, one for Saturday explaining the Park will be open till 1opm and one for Sunday explaining the misprint and state the real closing time.

Some construction of the bay

Some definition on the shafts.

How much to stand in front of this blower?

Is this some sort of quarantine tent?

Finally some Cast Member got smart and placed the benches back in the shaded area. It was kind of stupid to have them in the front of the Carousel directly in the sun. At least now they are put to good use for the paying Guests.

Jack has hit the road

And it doesn't look like he's coming back

With Jack gone, it really opens up the view of Mulholland Madness...

...and the side view of the new rooms at the Grand

I guess since the theme of the holiday is Red, While and Blue, this is the reason for Mickey's color being more purplish
Thinking of Mickey makes me think of Disneyland. So now it's time to head over there.

The bathrooms back behind the Bank of Main Street have reopened. Because I didn't need to go, I didn't bother to venture inside.

Like Obama and sharing the wealth, this bank will soon be sharing the wealth... ..the wealth of art

The red and white flowers remind me of little parasols

But up close, they look like peppermint candy

The "ball park" has opened for Guests to sit and relax

I don't think this blocks the view of Space Mountain. HISTA already does that

The working peasant (not pictured) had to stand outside the entrance to the Snow White ride because the Queen had not given orders that the attraction could reopen

Some cock-horse merchandise stands for the coach

Do you see this Cast Member? O.k., so I am pretty sure he was texting on a phone before he was approached by some kids to pin trade

This is the phone in question. It is not a Disney communication device by any means. And he had it out on the vending cart in plain view.
Quentin, you FAIL!
I bought some ice cream and walked through Adventureland. Once I got to Tarzan's entrance, I notice that everyone was going down the ramp but not up and around towards the bridge. So that is where I decided to go. As I walked up the ramp, I see some shade and stop for a moment to enjoy my ice cream.

Looking across towards the island, I see barricades where the dragon pit is

Being curious, I take a trip aboard the "floating wedding cake" to see if I can get a better view. 

some shots as the Mark Twain rounds the river bend

Guests were not allowed to walk around the front portion of the island

After the excitement of seeing a barricaded hole, there wasn't much else to look at. I look up and see the Disneyland flag whipping in the wind

My friend pointed out to me that the flag is no longer stitched along the letters, stars, and castle and that it appears to just be silk screened

So much for the Disney detail
Well that concludes this walk around the Disneyland Resort. Hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you here again

Until Next Time...


  1. whay the bay is for?

  2. Thanks for the pics

  3. MintCrocodile, please forgive my english, it's not my native language.
    I'm just interesting in more information about the bay.

  4. Gilad - The construction taking place inside the bay is for "World of Color", the new night time water spectacular Disney is creating for Disney's California Adventure that will have its premiere in 2010. Originally the body of water's only purpose was just a bay with a sea side pier