Thursday, July 21, 2011

Golden Gate Is Coming Down

With the new entrance to Disney California Adventure completed, the next big thing to happen was the dismantling the Golden Gate Bridge.  There were talks about it online about the cables coming off, the top tiers being removed. So the first time I am seeing the Golden Gate Bridge coming down was when I got to the Disneyland Resort.

Out of habit, for a second I had forgotten that the new entrance to Disney California Adventure was in use. I was so used to having to walk around the temporary construction wall while the new entrance was being built

The Golden Gate Bridge is coming down pretty fast!

Carthay Circle Theatre

Condor Flats sign still up in tarps and a guy in the engine of the train

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Checking out all that is happening with Cars Land

More work taking place at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Some testing was taking place because the exposed "arms" were rotating. From the Fun Wheel, it looked as though the arms were rotating around at a slow pace.

It looks like the Cast Members now have an umbrella to stand out under at the entrance to The Little Mermaid attraction

What happened to the sign?

Looking at the Golden Gate Bridge from the vineyard

While entering "Flik's Fun Fair"...

Before entering "Flik's Fun Fair", Rosie can now be seen on the left

And at the base of the straw, Heimlich is ready to eat a candy corn

Another look at the once Golden Gate Bridge as I am about to exit Disney California Adventure

Looking at the "pump house"

- Disneyland -

The monorail.. still running with only one train.

From the Monorail, looking at the construction taking place at Carthay Circle Theatre.

Because I was facing Disneyland's Entrance side of the Monorail, I had to turn my upper body around with the hopes of getting a shot of the new entrance and the Golden Gate Bridge.  But because no one in the Monorail cabin exited at Downtown Disney, I had to try and do my best at getting a shot.  This was the only shot that I was able to get without getting someone head in the way.

Matterhorn Bobsleds on rehab

The kind of crowds Disneyland had this morning

Got a text from a friend about the missing wall. So I went to take a look.  How could I have missed this gaping hole in the wall.

Some towers with lights and speakers on them.  These will be used when this area opens up as a pathway for Guests next month when work begins on Buena Vista Street

I wonder what kind of background music will play in those speakers.  Will it be aviation music from Condor Flats?  The old Sunshine Plaza music loop?  Or music that will grace Buena Vista Street when it opens?

The portion of the old turnstiles (which was behind this wall last week) has been removed.

One last look before heading home for the day.

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  1. Gorgeous update as usual (gotta love that new zoom on some of those detail pics of Cars Land :) )

    Two quick questions since you might have the pictures with a higher resolution even than what is posted here:

    - On the CCT pictures taking from the monorail, can you see on a full res pics if they are doing substrate for the road in the back? Almost look like they're ready to pour that concrete from what I can see...

    - On the same CCT pictures, can you confirm that they removed the blue railing on the side, right by the red rocks and fossilized elephant tusk ? Is that a sidewalk already in front of them?

    I've always wondered what would happen to these rocks/bones and how they would blend them in the CCT plaza...

    Again, Thanks for the gorgeous pics.


  2. Excellent as always.
    Pleeeeaaaasssseeee switch to widescreen or 16:9 format. These pics make great backgrounds, but get all stretched out in this format.

  3. Great post and pics. Thanks for sharing the progress.