Friday, July 15, 2011

Disney California Adventure's New Entrance

Today was one of the many days people were waiting for. Today was the day the new entrance to Disney California Adventure finally opened.

The new entrance resemble the entrance of the old Pan Pacific Auditorium which once stood in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles.  The Pan Pacific Auditorium was the inspiration used when Disney built their Disney•MGM Studios Theme Park (now Disney Hollywood Studios).

Emerging from the Ticket Booths, I came across the entrance to Disney California Adventure

The new entrance is finally open

Go ahead, step in side!

Magic Morning! ha ha.

Guests entering through the new turnstiles

The old turnstile entrance (without the actual turnstiles) can be seen just past the new entrance

Once inside, looking back at the remaining section of the old entrance

The other half is behind walls, ready to be taken down

This would probably make for a better picture if that "Let the Memories Begin" float wasn't there.

One last look at the title before heading out until later tonight.

11 hours later...

Ooo... Pretty!

Looks so cool and bright

LEDs light up the marquee

Compared to Disneyland's entrance, Disney California Adventure's entrance is much more brighter.
I think it looks really cool!  I am happy how it turned out. :)

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out

Until next time...


  1. Looks good! Thanks for the great pics!

  2. Exciting to see it become a quality Disney park.

  3. 10X better if you ask me

  4. Great new look. Thank you for getting these very rare shots of the Pan Pacific gates together with the Golden Gate bridge. If it werent for carmegeddon, I'd drive down and get more of these photos now, as they will apparently be taking the old golden gate replica down tomorrow. Thanks again for getting some good ones and sharing them as always. Much appreciated.

  5. Yawn. It's a copy (essentially) of Hollywood studios - why is this supposed to be impressive?