Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lots o' Changes

Let's see what the Disneyland Resort has to offer this week...

I was taking a picture of how uncrowded the area looked, and these people had to walk right into the shot!

For at least another month, Aladdin will only play on selected days

Looking at the construction of the Cars Land rock wall

New banners stating "Countdown to World of Color"

Where's the countdown? I though it would have numbers displayed. 

John Lassetter all smiles a couple of weeks ago 

With the displays of paper cut outs for Little Mermaid, does this mean that the Alice segment has been dropped? Or are they just showing that other segments in the show use the paper cut outs as well?

Are these posts for a new roofing of some sort? 

Mermaid construction

Umbrellas now adorn the Paradise Park

I think these umbrellas would make sense if we were at Paradise Beach

Swings construction

-Fun Wheel-

Another look at the umbrellas to keep Guests a bit cool as they sit on one of the many benches in the park. 

Cars Land construction

Oversized blister package for pictures. 

Photo Op for the little kiddies. Is this a good spot for this?? I know the Toy Story Midway Mania queue often can extend all the way down to this area on busy days

The new Fast Pass for California Screamin' on the left and the old Fast Pass on the right. I think the new one looks a lot cleaner. It makes sense to change to Fast Pass logo since there is no longer a Mickey reference to it.

Ultra-Violet lights were on

Is this a new canoe (for a re-theming of Grizzly)? 

Some new toys to promote Toy Story 3

Lotso Huggin Bear can be purchased 

Even Iron Man items can be found here


Taking a ride on the train to check out the river

Lovely, just lovely. 

This horse was acting up for some reason and all the Trolley Conductor had to say was "No Drama" and the horse settled down

Columbia docked 

The water wheel with an algae color to it. It did not look this bright in person though

Over at the Big Thunder Trail, new slurry was recently poured

Big Thunder Mountain closed for refurbishment

With the nice weather and B.T.M. closed, this trail area was so quiet and peaceful

Care to guess what this is? ha ha

Space Mountain sparkling in the sunlight after a recent scrub down

Of all the times I have parked in the Toy Story Lot, this was the first time parking in the Buzz section

That is it for today
Hope you enjoyed looking at it

Until next time

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