Thursday, May 13, 2010

Construction In One Park, Enhancements In Another

29 days and counting until the debut of Disney's World of Color at California Adventure
Until then, let us see what the Resort has to offer

Heading towards California Adventure first

This is over by the newly paved area in front of Tower of Terror. 

Tower of Terror with a 40 min! wait

It was warm enough for the kiddies to play in the water

These cows heard that there are some shiny new friends of theirs in Disneyland along the river

The little roof structure coming along

More massive steel

Some new box structures have appeared. They remind me of bird houses

Some small new vertical rails to keep hands, arms, feet and legs inside the viewing area at all times 

Two new green trees

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Mermaid construction

Cars Land construction

What is that under the tent? Probably the Racer test car of course

The large structure is completely under water now. They even removed those black flame thrower parts that used to be the only part that would stick out of the water when it was fully collapsed.

Some new cardboard cutouts accompany the over-sized plastic box

California Screamin's station is receiving some new paint in the station. What was once an off yellow color where the automatic gates open is now a bright red color. The side that is along the back wall already has the new color. The main side of the station was closed while the paint job was taking place

Is any of this part of the retheming of Grizzly? I never really took a close look of this part of the queue

The canoe that is near the station also has another one.... the queue

Looks like they raised the prices for Taste Pilots. The past couple of months, I have been eating first before I step foot into the Parks

You have seen the commercial

You bought your very own

Now see him in the Pixar Play Parade at Disney's California Adventure


The Disneyland flag is back after another absence of a couple months. Guess that's how long it takes to sew up another one

Crowds don't look too bad

Vynlmation display has taken over the Star Trader window

Snow Whites Grotto under construction

Heading over to the island

-Tom Sawyer Island-

The last time I stepped foot on the island was the day it reopened with the Pirates Lair. Are these new supports for the bridge??

The water trough looks to be in new condition

The boat that looks all withered. A few weeks ago it was all shiny and new 

Time to take a cruise on the Columbia to check out the River

No horses were in the corral today

The familiar Eagle sound is back when you approach his new tree here.  You used to be able to hear him from the parking structure when he was at the Settler's Cabin

I didn't get a decoder card at the dock to understand what this all means

Half the "star field" effect in Space Mountain's station was on

Another look at the construction at Snow White's Grotto

Over in the Disney Gallery, some displays from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie

That's it for this pictorial
Thanks for looking

Until next time

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