Thursday, May 20, 2010

All the Happenings For Today

It seems that the Toy Story parking lot is closed when Grad Nites are being held at the Disneyland Resort. And with that, it means that I had to go to the Mickey and Friends parking structure and park there. 

Once the tram dropped us off, headed through the bag check. When I looked back, I noticed these stroller parking signs. I am going to guess it is for Guests to conveniently leave their rental strollers at the end of their stay, instead of having to go to the other side to turn them in

The Hyperion facade is getting ready for "Blast Off"*
 *Event before the kids head over to Disneyland and being Grad Nite

With the warm weather, this would be nice to just walk pass slowly if the water was actually running

Looking at the Cars Land construction

World of Color was testing a mist screen 

Silly Symphony Swings with a majority of their scaffolding down

Someone had mentioned that these trellises were suppose to leave because there was the potential of it blocking the view for World of Color. But so far, it has been about a month or so and there have been no signs of them being gone.  I personally like them

Eye hooks screwed into the sides of the trellises 

The mist screen was going forward and backwards

The mist screen being aimed towards the viewing area

I don't know if these are a new color scheme or if they have been there for quite awhile now.  So I thought I would "snap", just in case 

A decorative Donald making yet an appearance, this time at Silly Symphony Swings. The other decorative Donald being on top of the structures next to the Turkey Shack 

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

The Chernabog structure still without flame throwers

Looking at the other trelles

Looks like these signs would be placed in areas to warn the Cast Members to not film or take pictures while the show is testing at night

The vines are being tied to the eye hooks so they can be "trained" on how to grow

We have a shape!

A truck belong to the Grizzly River Rafting company. This was always here, but obviously without the plastic canoes. But noticed a green container on the backseat.

Another canoe on the back side of this little outpost

New oars?


A new monorail poster can be found on the right side tunnel as you enter the Park

First stop was to go on the Columbia. There were a few things I missed last week, so I wanted to get another trip in to see what else there is to see

A horse was roaming around in the stable next to the Indian Village

Snow White's Scary Adventure closed and should open tomorrow 5/21

Snow White's grotto got a nice cleaning. 

What are those pipe like things sticking up from the top of Tomorrowland Terrace?

"Gone.  Gone. Gone! Gone! Gone!"

Indiana Jones attraction poster found on the left side tunnel as you head into the Park

A new book titled Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behing the Dreams Look at Making  More Magic Real was released. This is a sequel to the book Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behind the Dreams Look at Making the Magic Real.  I have yet to check it out, but from the reviews, it looks like a promising book!

That will be it for today.
Thank you for looking

Until next time

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  1. I feel bad that hardly anyone leaves a comment, so I will.

    I have read your blog since you moved it from MI and I thoroughly enjoy it every time. Thanks for brining all of the Disneyland news to a Sydneysider, I appreciate it a lot.