Friday, May 14, 2010

World of Color Seating Speculation

Yesterday, while visiting Paradise Park in California Adventure, my friend and I were casually walking around the area trying to think of how the seating… or shall I say standing area was going to be laid out.

After some time walking the grounds, I overheard one cast member talking to another Cast Member about the set up of the viewing area. The following information may not be 100% accurate. This is only going by what both what has been speculated on the online boards and what I could everhear

It seems certain that the Fast Passes for  the show will be given out from Grizzly’s distribution machines. With what has been said from the internet and different Disney online community boards, it seems that each Fast Pass will be played out like an attraction Fast Pass. Each ticket would have a specific time, color and section on it. And once all the tickets for a certain color/section has been distributed, the machines would then start to dispense another color/section. I am not sure if the Fast Pass computers will correspond with each other or if there will be different colors being distributed at the same time from the different Fast Pass machines.  

mint's concept of what the fast pass could look like

With all this going on, hopefully there will be some extra Cast Members at the World of Color Fast Pass distribution to help out those Guests with any type of questions they will have.

The reason I wrote "can not guarantee late arrivals" is because with as big of a show this is being billed, it seems that any open spaces will be used by Guests who do not have a fast pass.

Viewing Area:
The Cast Member was talking away from me, but as the Cast Member was quickly pointing out the areas, all we heard were just three colors of Yellow, Orange, and Purple. But from what one website had mentioned, Blue was near the Zephyr.  The only color left that has been mentioned elsewhere was Red. So it seems that starting from the Zephyr and working towards the Lighthouse, it seems the colors are Blue Red Yellow and Orange with a Purple section running along the Parade Route.  And each individual level would be a specific section.  ALthough I don't know how the section numbers will be laid out.

But what about the the boardwalk closest to the water?  Who gets to go in there? H mm, if it's is a Fast Pass Color Section, it looks like it might be shared with both Blue and Yellow. Since there is a wall between the boardwalk and the tiers, the Blue section can easily be ushered down the far left ramp and brought in and the same looks to be true for Yellow. And so with that theory, both colors could easily share the boardwalk.  Now this boardwalk section could very well be a non colored section or it may very well be an entirely different color. 

What about Guests who do not have a Fast Pass?  I am guessing that there will be a queue of some sort set up for them to wait in and as space opens up, they will be able to fill it. Purple must be one of those sections because it would be the furthest from the show.  We heard "wet zone", and looking at the viewing area, the boardwalk does look to be very close to the actual water fountains.  But will Guests viewing the show get wet? If there is a possibility, then maybe the boardwalk will be a "Purple" section for those who were not able to get a Fast Pass for the show.

Be advised, that I am not sure where the Cast Member got the info from or if it is truly accurate. But just going by with what we could over hear, what has been said on the online Disney community board, and some time mapping, this is probably what it may look like.

This should be interesting on how all this plays out.

Just 28 more days until World of Color debuts

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  1. Mint, the boardwalk section closest to the water might be a "paid admission" section. They did this for fantasmic a while back tickets ranging around $55 for an un-obscured view of the show.