Thursday, March 3, 2011

Everywhere You Look . . . Construction

Monday through Wednesday of this week at the Disneyland Resort must of have nice and slow. Looking outside at the Toy Story Parking Lot, it would only see about a lot that was half full. After seeing that, I had a feeling that on Thursday, it should be a nice slow day.

Got your ticket?

I got mine!

And we are off to the Disneyland Resort

After passing through bag check, a top of a crane could easily be seen. After getting closer towards the middle of the Main Entry Plaza, we see this...

Frame work for Disney California Adventure's new turnstile entryway.  The design will be inspired by both the Los Angeles Pan Pacific Auditorium and the Disney Studio Park at Walt Disney World

Another shot of the construction

Once inside Disney California Adventure

Turn around to see how it looks from inside the park

And from under the Golden Gate Bridge

Now seriously, where is the dirt?  The pile that would get pushed from side to side seems to have disappeared!

Heading towards Paradise Pier and there seems to be no one in the Park

Taking a look at The Little Mermaid Construction

Heading towards Mickey's Fun Wheel...

... all the while taking snap shots of the Little Mermaid building as I make my way up the bridge

At the end of this "Pier", it seems the walls have been taken down

The trees in the back of the gazebo really dress this area quite nicely

Mickey and Duffy will be making appearances here

-Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Work continues with Goofy's Sky School

The Paradise Pier Grill area is progressing

Cars Land construction

Lush!   LUSH!

After exiting Mickey's Fun Wheel, saw these two columns peeking above the construction wall. I wonder if these are going to be for anything special

Looking at King Triton from across the bay

The back side of the gazebo area

From March 3 - 6, Disney Channel Rocks! show times have been moved again to the later afternoon time.

Taking some snap shots of the Little Mermaid building

Souvenir 66's sign has been taken down the the 66 stand

Looking towards the Little Mermaid, I wish they would have continued the wonderful facade work towards the back of the show building. Unless trees or something will be place in that area to obstruct the show building.  Because I think it just looks unfinished

With the later times, it just means this stage is up for majority of the day. And the area plays Disney Channel music.  When I walk by this as the Disney Channel music plays, I feel like I am waiting in the switch backs for the Universal Studios Tram Tour.

I can't wait for this building to be unveiled!

More Cars Land shots from the Blue Sky Cellar patio

Looking like "Flik's Fun Fair" leaf has returned.

Notice anything new is this picture?

A security camera seems to have appeared on one of the parade lamp posts.  Because of that, I have a feeling this camera is more for parades or anything that comes out from those gates and goes down the future parade route

Well it's March and still no animated changes

But now instead of "Coming in March", we see "Coming Soon" again

Continuing the rest of the new paint scheme for Disney Junior

Time to head to Disneyland

Another angle of the entry construction after exiting Disney California Adventure

As you can possibly tell, this crane was actively in use during park hours

Yay! Disneyland

Main Street  was not only sparse with Guests, but it was also quiet

"ring ring".  Looking back, I see the Dapper Dans on the bike. Obviously this was the reason that Main Street background music was off

Star Tours work

New paint scheme of darker blues and purples

Now it's time to take a ride on the monorail. After all, there is construction work taking place at Disney California Adventure's entrance

Walking around the park, heading towards Critter Country

Is Splash Mountain open? Can't be will Critter Country walled off.  But this sign states that Splash Mountain has a 10 min wait

Heading back home for the day from the Disneyland Resort

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thank you for taking the time to stop by and take a look

Until next time...

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