Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not So Calm Before the Storm

Hi there!

Is it already that day again, to go to the Disneyland Resort? Lately it seems as though time has been flying by.
My goal was to try and get to the Disney California Adventure before the 10am opening. I have heard that it has been quite busy.  President's Day was celebrated on Monday and the days that followed were busier than your ordinary "off-season" day. And come the weekend there is suppose to be a strong storm hitting.

So my friend and I get to the Disneyland Resort a little after 10:30am.

Let's see what kind of memories can be made today at the Disneyland Resort

A shot of CarsLand as my friend and I dash to Mickey's Fun Wheel

Oh my Triton!

He looks very nice, but can't stop right now and admire him at the moment. I have to rush to Mickey's Fun Wheel

Some may be asking why am I rushing to Mickey's Fun Wheel.  With it being very busy, I don't want to get to Mickey's Fun Wheel, get a gondola and have to share it with strangers.  I always feel very uncomfortable because I want to be able to take pictures without any kind of obstructions.

I could say that I would like our own, but I have seen other people do that and the cast member will explain something and still put more Guests inside.

We finally get to Mickey's Fun Wheel and the swinging gondola queue had a 30 minute wait while the stationary gondola had a posted wait time of 15 minutes. But when we got in line, it only took up about 5 minutes.  At that time there was very little demand so the cast member was letting small groups get their own stationary gondola.  We lucked out big time

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Looking at the construction for the new Paradise Pier restaraunt

Some scaffolding has appeared within Goofy's Sky School infrastructure

Checking out Cars Land construction

Scaffolding has come down on one wing of the new Little Mermaid attraction building

The show building for Radiator Springs Racers.  It seems like the show buildings that are outside the berm at Disneyland (Pirates, Mansion, Indy) have green colored walls while the show buildings at Disney California Adventure, such attractions like Toy Story Midway Mania and Radiator Springs Racers show buildings have a brownish-tan colored wall

This is the "lush" new park?!? You gotta be kidding me.  But I will wait and see how it all turns out. We have...what, another month before it opens?

Looking at the Little Mermaid attraction from across the bay.  The Disney Channel rock stage needs to go!

Looking at the backside of the Meet and Greet for Mickey and Duffy

The non-Disney looking Triton at Ariel's Grotto

Pictures of the Little Mermaid attraction building

King Triton!

A new billboard frame for Goofy's Sky School

Taking a ride on the Golden Zephyr, checking out Souvenir 66...

... and the Little Mermaid queue construction

Some people are speculating if this is the same Triton that was once a fountain at Triton's Gardens inside Disneyland. I am not sure if it is a new one or if it has just been modified. If it is the same one just modified, it wouldn't be the first time that Disney has done that.  America Sings and Splash Mountain come to mind.

The panels with Ariel's sisters have been placed on the arch of the building

Taking a look at Cars Land from the Blue Sky Cellar patio

I feel like I am being watched in Ursula's grotto

New color scheme for Disney Junior Live!

- Disneyland -

Is this a test pattern for a possible redo of the Trolley tracks with brick instead of pavement?

Is it Saturday?

Star Tours scaffolding with themed tarps on

Multiple Star Speeder 1000 can be seen on the tarps

Oh look, an R2

The walls have been pushed out towards the planter. And the small amount of space has been turned into stroller parking for for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and the Astro Orbitor

Oh look. It appears they have cut off some the branches off this tree next to Big Thunder Ranch

This was the tree that looked like a mushroom during Christmas with all the lights on it

Man, it is busy here at Disneyland

Is this guy just resting or waiting for Fantasmic!

Another look at Star Tours

Many characters were out in Town Square

That will do it for today's pictorial
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look
I appreciate it :)

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  1. Fantastic update! Still seems like quite a bit of work on Mermaid, but it's fast moving work.

  2. Another interesting update! It was probably so busy because many schools are off for Presidents' Week (or ski week).