Thursday, February 3, 2011

We've come so far...

It's that time again, another weekly trip to the Disneyland Resort.
The past couple of days it has been very windy and I thought today would be another windy day. But it turned out to be a relatively calm day at the Resort

-Disney's California Adventure -

Instead of walking all the way to the middle of the wall to get in line to enter Disney California Adventure, they had a section of rope (towards the right) open so we may enter there

Hills of dirt

Wow, it is so loud here in the Plaza. Oh, that's why!

Speakers in not so hidden places

Heading towards Paradise Pier

Little Mermaid construction

Work being done at the end boardwalk were the Gazebo use to stand

Taking a peak behind the wall

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Construction on the Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta

There is now a dig site for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Some Cars Land construction pics

Looking at the arches for the Little Mermaid attraction

The marquee tower for Goofy's Sky School


Some seashells have appeared on the Little Mermaid attraction building

Looks like possible welding on the tower

Looks like it is just the hump on the lift that is still orange

Looking across the bay from underneath Silly Symphony Swings

On the east side of the Little Mermaid attraction building, a stained glass window has been put into place

Lovely, simply lovely!

Heading over towards Grizzly River Run

The mist effect was on today, but no geysers

One of the rafts seemed to have different items tucked away in the net sacks

To me, the first thing that comes to my mind is a Wilderness Survival Kit

Some closer looks at the new items

Last Friday (Jan 29), I noticed that the bear had on an olive green life vest and a green hat

Then returning back today, I saw that the color orange was painted on top of the olive green

Backtracking a bit, have to go over to the Pacific Warf

Taking another look at some seashells at the Little Mermaid

Heading over to the Pacific Wharf, a wall has now been put up. The Wharf Stage is gone

This will be another passage way to get to Cars Land

Could these holes be for speakers??

It looks like it is going to be such a definite edge.  Seeing this when walking into Cars Land from here, I won't feel like I totally immersed into the world of Cars

A clearance between the Parade building and the Cars Land wall. I wonder if there will be any kind of trees or something to hide the "hard stop" of the Cars Land wall

From the Blue Sky Cellar animated map, don't these look like kids peeking out the window?

Whoa! Who is that walking in that room!?!

Taking a look inside the Animation Building, it reminds me of Easter

But with the help of Tinker Bell, one of the screens states some animated changes are coming soon

No visible change on the former Playhouse Disney building yet

- Disneyland -

The banner for the new Disney Gallery exhibit - Magic on the Water - had blown up onto the balcony due to the recent winds

Goodbye to more of the Lion King acrobatic pole holes.  It looks like this part of Town Square's road is next to get resurfaced

The St. Valentines decorations in Town Square are back this year

The left side is done, now for the right

Toon Town's City Hall tarps rolled up

The hearse at Haunted Mansion is out for some refurb work

The 20th Century Music store has reopened

And inside, they were selling this!
Who needs to keep going to Disney California Adventure or a Nintendo Wii when this plug and play will do just fine

Well, that will do it for today
Thanks for looking

Until next time


  1. ahhhhh.. now my Thursday is complete! thank you mint!!

  2. FYI: Ive played that Plug-N-Play Toy Story game and its really bad... I wouldnt suggest buying one.