Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where's the Dirt Today?

With the rains coming this weekend, today was a bit cool with scattered clouds.

While on the Toy Story bus heading to the Disneyland Resort, there were some people on there who were talking to each other. One woman and her daughter hadn't been to Disneyland in 20 years. The people they were talking to were surprised by that and mentioned that there is now another park, Disney California Adventure. But while she was mentioning the new park, she was giving it a "thumbs down" and that they shouldn't visit the park.  Of course, they didn't mention that Disney California Adventure is going through a transformation phase.

Finally get to the Resort and head straight into Disney California Adventure

The dirt is now on the left side this time

Heading to Paradise Pier

Work continues on the Little Mermaid attraction

What looks like wooden box planters are now behind the walls

Warning: You may get wet!

As my friend and I get to Mickey's Fun Wheel, we find that it is closed due to technical difficulties with Guests still inside the gondolas. We decided to wait it out for a bit once we saw the mechanics arrive.  They got the wheel moving again at a slow pace to get the passengers off and once that was completed, they started to climb the side ladders.  When we saw that, we knew it was going to be a while, so we decided to check back later on this.

Also, last week Mickey's Fun Wheel had technical difficulties after the park opened. And it was about 15-20 minutes before it got started. And earlier this week, California Screamin' had difficulties too!

Looking across the way at the Little Mermaid building

Seashells are now appearing along the top archway

Some CarsLand shots

Over inside the Animation Academy,

we find that the animated walls will be coming back in March

From the entrance of Hollywood Pictures Backlot, I could see Mickey's Fun Wheel rotating, so we decide to head back over there.

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Goofy's Sky School's queue is getting a red paint job

Are these just Sirens playing instraments? Or are they suppose to represent Ariel's sisters?  By the looks of it, it seems that Attina is playing flute while another sister, Allana playing another instrament

Man, these Green Army Men are always all over the Park.

An empty area next to California Adventure's exit

- Disneyland -

The Kalamazoo hand cart is finally back

While walking past these small walls, we could actually hear workers smoothing concrete with trowels inside

Star Tours with scaffolding, minus the tarps

This lonely piece of tarp has stars on it

More scaffolding over near the Star Trader entrance

Inside the Starcade while the Star Trader is being refurbished regenerated

Continuing the square concrete tiles in Tomorrowland

Walking over to Critter Country

Standing roughly in front of the Haunted Mansion, one can see the Star Tours scaffolding

Heading out for the day

That will do it for today's pictorial
Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate it

Until next time...

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  1. any idea what they're doing to Splash Mountain? i was really looking forward to going on it a couple weeks ago then i finally decided to ask whats up and they said it gonna be closed for like 5 months. they didn't tell me why though.