Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update: February 10th at the Disneyland Resort

Today, my friend and I played "host" to some friends at the Disneyland Resort. And because of that, today was more about them having a good time than me rushing around taking pictures.

We start out by coming through the bag check at the Toy Story Parking Lot shuttles

A new rolling stage has been brought out into the Main Entry Plaza to promote the new "Let the Memories Begin" campaign. The pictures inside the frames rotate every few moments

This shot shows the word Disneyland. This sort of resembles the old marquee that once stood out next to Harbor Blvd

- Disney California Adventure -

A big dirt mound

Some of the geysers were working at Grizzly River Run

Looks like conduit pipes sticking up. Could this possibly be permanent power for the Gazebo, instead of having to run an extension cord?

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -
With more than two of us inside the gondola, I didn't want to be rude with our Guests and keep moving back and fourth between sides

Cars Land construction

Little Mermaid rooftop

Time for lunch at Taste Pilots Grill

Along the way, the view of the entrance to Cars Land via the Pacific Wharf. We will come back to this area later

We stopped at the Blue Sky Cellar so they can see what all the construction will eventually lead to

The Disney Channel Rocks! show was showing and it gave us a chance to head back over in that direction
While they watched a few moments of the show, I was able to step away for a bit and get some quick shots. I didn't want to be rude and take my time so I tried to get as many shots as I could

It appears that all the track to Goofy's Sky School is now blue

Close up shot of a rooftop section of the Little Mermaid attraction

Walls have now appeared where the ... beer cart (??) will be

We decide to head to Soarin' Over California by way of the Pacific Wharf

Looking into Cars Land from the patio section of Pacific Wharf

Some desert plants have appeared among the crevices

Another look at the Parade Building and Cars Land

- Disneyland -

Time to head to Disneyland for a bit

Another look at the rolling stage with the three different versions of pictures inside the frames

Street work infront of the Main Street train station

Looking back towards the train station, the west side of Trolley Tracks are now being worked on

Welcome to Tomorr-wall-Land!

Buzz Lightyear Fast Pass is now behind walls, getting ready for its transformation into the Star Tours: The Adventure Continues Fast Pass

Notice anything missing from the Buzz Lighyear score board monitors?

Why there is no more advertisement for the Buzz Lightyear Online Game
If one were to try and visit the website for the game, the website just mentions that the page no longer exists

More beautification for the land of tomorrow

Work being done in front of Pizza Port / Space Mountain / Captain EO

The King Arthur Carousel received new steps so that it would be easier to get on and off each horse

Plus new hands were installed on the poles

Walking down Main Street, a sweet Valentines window at the Candy Palace

If one were to walk into Disneyland through the West side tunnel

At least the Mickey floral hasn't been touched by the "Memories"

- Walking down Harbor Blvd -

That will conclude today's pictorial.
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  1. Thanks, Mint! Great update as always. -stinkerton

  2. Wow! Great 'crumbling' cliffs there above the RSR station! Thanks Mint!

  3. The parks looked empty??

    Thansk for sharing