Friday, December 7, 2012

A Relatively Quiet Winter Day at the Disneyland Resort

With Cast Member Previews of Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland the night before, I had an idea that it would probably soft open today.

So I woke up at 7:00 am to get to the Disneyland Resort by 8 am.

Just after 8 am and no crowds getting into Disney California Adventure this morning

Because I want to see if Indiana Jones is going to be open, Disneyland is my first stop today.

Soon the Market House will be hosted by Starbucks

Don't tell me this is the start of the line for Indiana Jones!?  Nope, it's just a line up for the Candy Canes at the Candy Palace

Indianan Jones closed. :(  Cast Members were telling Guests it officially opens tomorrow

A very empty Adventureland

Passing time on Tarzan Treehouse, looking towards Big Thunder

Frontierland is also quiet this morning

New design for the New Orleans Square vending carts??

Heading to Pirates of the Caribbean to pass the time, with the hopes Indiana Jones would be open soon after. Indy was still closed after riding Pirates, so I continued on to Haunted Mansion Holiday

Looking into the loading station and noticed the giant empty space for wheelchair Guests.  They look to load towards the middle of the belt and not at the far end

Picture of the gingerbread house

Looking down the exit speed ramp of Haunted Mansion. With no one around, it was a little eerie.  I could imagine how the Unload Cast Member must feel at times like this.

Princess Fantasy Faire taking shape

Some detail on the chimney

Went on Alice in Wonderland.
But why?

Because the line was so short.  It was a 5 min wait

Because the caterpillar car in front of me was a heavier than mine, it seems like my car was catching up to it. Normally the vehicles would be spaced out enough where the green one would already be going down the vine by the time my car was at this point.  But nope, it was only like a 5 - 7 second gap between us

I didn't get the "Shall we play croquet" from the Queen of Hearts or the gopher ball.  And just as the card doors were closing after the green caterpillar passed them, they were reopening for me. And once I got to the final scene, my car kept stopping because it couldn't intrude on the zone that the green car was occupying.  So I ended up stopping 3 times in the final scene.  Ha Ha.

For me, it was fun. I loved it!

Princess Fantasy Faire signage covered in tarps

Decided to ride the Disneyland Railroad with a trip through the Grand Canyon and Primeval World.  Got off at Main Street Station

People already claiming a spot for Candlelight

Indiana Jones had soft opened, but shortly closed right after. A small queue had formed for those that wanted to wait, although the Indy Cast Members were trying to prevent many people from forming a line

After about 30 minutes, it reopens

One of the fixed effects, over at the suspension bridge, smoke comes out of the snakes statues at the far end

The giant snake that strikes you

20 minutes, not bad

Christmas is celebrated in Tomorrowland.  It does continue in the future ;)

Time for Disney California Adventure

Officer Blue is in the holiday spirit with a little holly on his collar

A small film crew was following Molly the Messenger

Will I ever break into show biz?"

The flag at half staff in remembrance of Pearl Harbor

Heading back using the Toy Story shuttles

I haven't been on the Toy Story shuttles in some time as I just walk. But when I got inside, I saw some new adverts for the holiday season

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thanks for stopping by.

Until Next Time...

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