Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Day. Sagittarius 21. Year at the Disneyland Resort - 2012

With Christmas almost here, the crowds have descended at the Disneyland Resort.  I guess since today is the "last day" of Earth, according to the Mayan Calendar, people want to spend it at the Disneyland Resort

Getting to the Disneyland Resort around 9:40 am.

I think I would scream my head off too if the person next to me was trying to steer us off course

It's a hair whipping ride

Red the Fire Truck going backstage

Some more cool merchandise for 2013

This folds out...

..into this.

Flags were half staffed in memory of Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii

Still a hefty crowd heading into Disneyland

With the Candlelight Procession over, the Main Street train station is returning to normal.

A quick look inside the Market House

He just hopes he doesn't get moved or worse, removed, from the Market House

Princess Fantasy Faire construction

The Evil Queen!

Even evil is popular

The old Princess Fantasy Faire sign at the Fantasyland theatre has been removed.

Detail work on the control booth at the Fantasyland theater

Cinderella waves to me as I walk by

Recently the bunny tea cup went missing. Don't know how long it's been back, but ... it's back

Casey Jr Circus train was having some sort of technical difficulties

So to pass the time and to create "Magic" for the Guests, the Cast Members placed a Disney pin trading board

Why ride a train when you can Pin trade?

Big Thunder Mountain before it goes down for a long refurbishment

I have seen so many happy faces today

Riding the Omnibus back to Town Square so I can head home

That will conclude today's pictorial
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