Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here We Have A Funny Saying That The Magic Never Ends

Another cloudy day as I go on a trip to the Disneyland Resort

Another contest with Honda

This time, there is no Space Mountain to accompany the cars

This reminds me more of Wizard of Oz than the movie UP.

All that is missing is a pair of green and white stripped socks with a ruby slippers on them

Can you believe that? A line to get into the Tortilla Factory!

The new Cocina Cucamunga sign

Some shots of the construction

It looks like some wires are being installed

Is that a "hidden" Mickey?  If it is, it is not the only one. There are multiple "Mickey" head shots along the wall

What a bland popcorn cart

Duffy, is that you?

Astro Orbitor without the walls

A new decorative console for the Cast Member

It looks like the astrological signs remain

More work on the "ball park"

Today is Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage's 2nd birthday

Club Disney!

Looks like the media area for tonights Fantasmic!

Harbor Galley is now open

A new themed cart in the Castle's courtyard

"A" is for Aurora and "E" is for Everyone

Over at Tink's garden, the jumping water effect across the pathway was working.


  1. Is that really Duffy, the Tokyo DisneySea Bear? It sure does look like him. What does it say on the bib?

  2. Solar Panels, very cool. I was in Philadelphia last week and Ford was there promoting their new Hybrid in similiar fashion...except.. they were powering their batteried using Honda gas powere generators that were loud and belching smelly fumes all over the place. Have to admit I found it funny. Another reason Japanese cars outsell American.

  3. TokyoMagic! The bib says "My first Disney Bear"... and the PJs have a "D B" embroidered on it for Disney Bear