Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3 at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood

June 18, 2010 my friend and I went to the El Capitan to catch the new Disney • Pixar movie Toy Story 3.

First hearing about a third movie for the franchise and then the quarrel Disney and Pixar had back in 2004, where the two would split and Disney would make sequels to the Pixar movies without any involvement with Pixar creators, I had my doubts about a Toy Story 3. How could Disney make a Toy Story movie without Pixar?   After seeing what they had to done to their own animated movie and turning out DVD sequels, I began to get nervous.  I started to cringe as to what Disney could only do to a movie with beloved characters that people have grown up with.

But after Disney and Pixar made up, then ditching the storyline of what was already planned for TS3,  I was still a little nervous. And I couldn't help but think that Pixar was sort of forced to create another Toy Story movie so that they could still be in control of their characters.

After seeing some of the previews, I was still hesitant on seeing it. I wasn't sure if this would be as good as the other two films. It's like, how could they top the first two. 

As it got closer to opening, I started to check the website and ... I don't know... I actually started to get interested.  I was not enthusiastic, but thought I would still check it out. And I was glad I did! Toy Story 3 is a GREAT movie!  I had a smile on my face throughout the entire movie. The writing, the cast, the story,the pace, it all worked! 

In line outside with my tickets

Getting ready for the movie

After the movie, it was time to head to the Toy Story Fun Zone

Didn't get to do the Ferris wheel 

Even though this maze is a simple one, it scared me! Took me a while to find my way out and I ran into a few people in doing so. I almost had to yell out "Marco!"

A Toy Story Store

Of everything I saw, I think I would buy the train

It's 12:30am, it's time for Dancing with the Toys

Our hostess

Buzz and Woody dancing

Woody and Hostess teaching us some hand jive moves. This one, we are doing the lasso

Now "galloping". Ooo, watch out Woody where you gallop!

Bang! Bang!

Then Jessie, the yodelin' Cowgirl comes out

Uh-Oh! What is Buzz doing?!?

Buzz and Jessie do a Spanish style dance to "usted consiguió al amigo en mí
(Babblefished "You Gotta Friend in Me" in Spanish)

Buzz dancing with the Hostess

Wave your hands in the air-air-air- air-air

Thanks for coming out and seeing us!

Clown lady doing an optical illusion trick

Heading out after a great evening

Thanks for looking

Until next time

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