Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day With No "Color"

A great day to go to the Parks!

No World of Color means no warning about the rides will be closing early

The bars were nowhere to be seen. Not sure if this is daily during the day, or just for Wed/Thur this week with the park closing early

Slim must be out for some fresh paint

Scaffolding is now going up for the rock work

With a warm day today, I was surprised not to see this new interactive fountain working

The center platform at show position, apparently for some work at the back of it

Walls have gone up around Burger Invasion as they get ready to start the next batch of construction

Lots of work in Cars Land today

Toy Story Midway Mania celebrates it's 2nd birthday today.


On Tuesday, Toy Story Midway Mania was open during the first two World of Color shows (the third one was after an 11pm park closing). With it being the only attraction open on the backside of the show, it remained busy with a 40 min wait until the second show, when it dropped down to about 20-30 min wait.

The original plan was to have Midway Mania open during World of Color, and with the "success" that it had during it's test run, for now it appears that it will now remain open

Looking at the rock work construction from Screamin' Launch

Speaking of Screamin's launch, I don't know if any of you have been on it within the past month. But if you have, you may have noticed that the coaster now has a "smooth" launch.  About a month and half ago there was some software testing for a number of days during the late hours. This smooth launch could be the result of those tests 

Got there just as Mickey was leaving

Great use for this corner of the boardwalk

More mesh going up for the actual rock work

An Alice themed World of Color shirt. Even with a major scene reduced to a cameo, they still make merchandise for it

What is this!?!?  Wasn't the Disneyland resort the first to have "Nightastic"?  And yet, when shirts are made, it looks like they have Cinderella's Castle.

* After some comments, it appears to be a combination of Anaheim's, Florida's and Paris's Disneyland Castles

They have switched the times from what they are listed as in the Times Guide

The Magical poster is back in the tunnel

Trying to get guests to watch in other areas

Many choices to get back to your car

That is it for today
Thanks for looking! =)

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  1. That's not Cinderella Castle on the t-shirt. It's a morph of both castles- so Disney can sell the same t-shirt at both resorts.

  2. There's a little of Paris's castle in there too. Funny that Disneyland's top turret is one of the smaller one's on the left. At least they kept it to scale!

  3. The Magical poster is actually new this year.