Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update: June 3rd at the Disneyland Resort

One can tell it is almost Summer time at the Disneyland Resort. Because tonight is a Grad-Nite, Toy Story Lot was closed. But Pumba lot was open, so my friend and I parked in that lot. Still is easier than going to the Mickey and Friends parking structure and have to deal with all that.

A MLB All-Star Game Mickey with kids testing their strength 

Anaheim will be hosting the All-Star Game on July 13, so in anticipation, 35 Mickeys have been created displaying the 35 teams. The Disneyland Resort currently has 3 of them

Billboard before the bag check

Only one more week until Nightastic officially kicks off for Summer '10

-Disney's California Adventure-

It looks wide open without the Food and Wine festival tent

The walls have come down revealing the Trolley Track

The top of Playhouse Disney is under scaffolding

The planters that were used for the alcohol stands for the Food and Wine Festival have been pushed to the side for the time being

Tower of Terror type architecture is displayed here

New window panels installed on the second floor of the Trattoria 

Paradise Park's play fountain was turned on today and the kids were loving it

And some older kids too!

New LED lights installed, possibly only for the media event next Thursday

From what I have heard, the rooftops of Silly Symphony Swings will get some new roofing that resemble Toy Story Midway Mania and the World of Color lighthouses

Taking a ride on the Swings, looking up, one can sort of see the outline of the lightning 

Here i have tried to outline that lightning. Even in daylight, the lightning was working today

It will be kind of odd to have a Beer truck at the exit of the Swings. 

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Some platforms have been installed to make walking among all the World of Color equipment much easier

Looking at the play fountain

The Disneyland Hotel looks rather boring now that they took the stars off the upper panel. Hopefully something new will be put up soon

Some new palm trees have appeared behind the Boardwalk billboards

More of the planters from the Food and Wine have been placed on the Boardwalk ramp. Amazing how the addition of those really improved the look of this area.   They were on both sides of the walkway

Treasures in Paradise with Princess stuff

Hopefully this eye sore merchandise will be taken inside 

Gone Hollywood

Now with Quicksilver


Looking down the street, it looks very busy

But overall wait times seem to good to great

Indiana Jones was the only attraction closed 

Inside, Madame Leota's crystal ball was floating again

Splash Mountain has reopened from it's refurbishment

Past couple of weeks, there has been some sort of poles installed on the roof top of Tomorrowland Terrace. Now it looks workers have placed a panel 

Some scaffolding over by Lost Children and First Aid

The second Mickey by the Mickey and Friends tram loading/unloading area

Banners for Nightastic!

The third Mickey by ESPN Zone

-Disneyland Hotel- 

-World of Disney Store-

I hardly ever go into that store, but I noticed that the Castle has been taken out and replaced with Lumiere

Heading out back to the Red Zone

This time with no kids hanging from it

Thanks for looking

Until next time

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  1. Is it just me or is that Lumiere a little off-looking?

    Thanks for the reports!