Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blue Sky Cellar Presents Fantasy Faire

A new exhibit opened at the Blue Sky Cellar at Disney California Adventure. This time the exhibit focuses on a new offering that will be hosted at Disneyland,  The [Princess] Fantasy Faire.

As I got there, I wasn't sure it was open.  I asked one of the Plaids if it was open.
"It sure is. And in fact, you are our first Guest."
She asked for my name and she motioned for me to come inside.  Once in the Cellar, she proudly announced to the other Plaids that I am the first Guest in the Fantasy Faire Exhibit.

Because of that, I was handed this button. ha ha ha

Why hello there! Please, enjoy looking at all the magic and imagination my Imagineers have to offer in this Fantasy Faire

I am glad they went with more of a Big Ben entrance since that is an iconic scene in the movie as well as the ride

Ugh, I didn't realize that this one came out a bit blurry.  When I got back, I will take another shot and replace it

CPG?  I wonder what it could stand for ;) ha ha

I can't wait to see this.  Figaro looks so cute

This is really the only display for Mickey and the Magical Map that will appear at the Fantasyland Theatre

The center planter that is currently over at the Fantasyland Theatre will be replaced with a water pond and a grass area.  Should make the area more beautiful

And now, we come the the centerpiece of the exhibit...

This must be Clopin's Music Box

Going by the illustrations, this looks to be the area where the cat (that resembles Figaro) will be watching the bird that is perched on the sign

Princess Fantasy Faire poster hidden in the back

A look at where the queue will be for the Meet and Greet

Well that will conclude this edition of the Blue Sky Cellar exhibit.
If more is added to the Fantasy Faire exhibit, this pictorial will be updated

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  1. Thanks for the pics! Will the meet and greets be held in the old dance floor or in a new show building? Also, did you get the feeling that they are keeping the walkway to the Zocalo?

  2. If you look at the model, I think the Meet and Greet will take place in the buildings on the right side. I think the dance floor will be home to a Beauty and the Beast show and I am guessing it may be something like Belle's Enchanted Tales at Walt Disney World. I could be wrong though.

    There is also going to be a Rapunzel show as well. Not sure if that's going to be at the Tower post or in the tent as well