Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday Season Wrappin' Up at the Disneyland Resort

2013, the start of Disney's year long promotion "Limited Time Magic"!

Walking to the Disneyland Resort.  This morning I left 10 minutes later than I did last week.  But I really didn't think much of it until I was walking along Harbor Blvd.  As I was walking, there seemed to be a lot more foot traffic heading to the Disneyland Resort.  Maybe it had to do with the final day for Christmas Time or the warm weather.

As I was heading towards the bag check, the area was really busy.  They only had two of the three tents open.  But as I got near a tent, they had opened up the far left one which alleviated a lot of the build up

I wanted to visit Disneyland first, but I wanted Disney California Adventure to get the first click.  So I went into Disney California Adventure first, went to the exit, got my hand stamp, and then went over to Disneyland.

The crowd wasn't too bad this early in the morning.

Princess Fantasy Faire's tent structure gets its canvas

As you can see, the canvas is just placed on it.  It will be pulled across and stretched nice and tight to give a smooth, polish look

While walking through Frontierland, caught a glimpse of one of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad's train.  Just then I realized I should go my normal route. So I went back to Princess Fantasy Faire

Finally got on "it's a small world" Holiday.  Until I did "it's a small world" Holiday, I hadn't done any of the Christmas Time stuff.   I mean, I've done Haunted Mansion Holiday, but I count that as a Halloween Time thing more than Christmas Time.  Now I just need the Christmas Fantasy Parade and Holiday Magic.  But I doubt I will get to see those before they go away for the season.

The control booth at the Fantasyland Theater

I hope with the new Big Thunder locomotive will include a back wheel.  Ever since the fatal accident in Sept 2003,  they had removed the back wheel as the back wheel so it would make it easier for the maintenance crew to check the assembly of the

Stroller parking for Pirates of the Caribbean

All strollers facing one direction.  This would work if it were open at the end of the isle.  But because there is a rope that stretches across, Guests have to either pull it under the rope of go through the "entrance", going against any other incoming strollers.  If it were open at the other end, Guests get their stroller and push it out in the direction the strollers are facing.   Otherwise I think having the strollers along the rail, face the rail and the strollers along the rope, face the rope would probably be better. Plus, more strollers may be able to fit.

But of course, as I have seen it many times, Cast Members will have the strollers in a nice formation, then it only takes one person to bring in their stroller and just parks it anywhere, disrupting the flow of the other strollers.

Even though it's early morning, it started to get warm

This passenger obviously didn't want to get wet in any way.

Even with the weather starting to warm up a bit, Splash Mountain still had a 10 minute wait.

Jack Skellington was out for a bit greeting Guests

Over at the Big Thunder Ranch, Disneyland was celebrating Dia de Reyes - Three Kings Day

Learn a little bit about Dia de Reyes

Very festive here

Specialty food items for the special occassion

The Three Kings

The Three Carballeros

Even Mickey and Minnie are dressed in their festive attire

Dia de Reyes is only a #LimitedTimeMagic event which is being held between Jan 4 - Jan 6 2013

Heading out of Disneyland as the crowds are coming in

Hey look, my version of an Instagram photo ha ha ;)

Radiator Springs Racers

Flik waving to Guests on Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

Look at all those people

Nerdz rule!

That will conclude today's pictorial
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