Friday, January 18, 2013

The Crane! The Crane!

With the Hyperion Bridge on Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure being repainted a new color, I went to check it out the night before.

Don't I look cute, all dolled up

Tents are covering one side of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree as they get ready to resurface the floor

One last look before heading out for the night.

Returning the next day...

Early morning before the Park officially opens at 9 am.  A look a the newly repainted bridge color

Blue Sky Cellar reopens the next day with a new exhibit

Is Auntie Em and Uncle Henry down there?

Notice anything different?  It has been like this for some time, but no one has mentioned it yet.

Benches placed in this area for Guests to sit and watch Luigi's Flying Tires

The line was quite short during this time.

The "practice" tire that once stood outside of Luigi's Casa Della Tires is now in the loading area of Luigi's Flying Tires

"You can sit in them if you want"
It's amazing how many people want to sit in these chairs as they head into "a bug's land"

The poles that once stood to hold up the garland have finally be taken down

A look at Luigi's Casa Della Tires without the tire out front.

More shots of the Hyperion Bridge with more sunlight present

Looking at all the Guests entering Disney California Adventure as I head out of the Park

With the Main Street USA Railroad station being refurbished, the tarp now has the train station graphic on it

From the ground, you can see Main Street USA.. but in reality it's part of the graphic.

The crane! The crane!
Even from Town Square, you can see the crane being used for Big Thunder Mountain Railroads refurbishment

Here, we take a look at the Princess Fantasy Faire construction taking place

For #LimitedTimeMagic, New Orleans Bayou Bash takes place along the River front with Tiana

You know how people say it's always nice to see something you haven't seen before...
Well, it looks like I found something that I haven't seen before ... or at least have forgotten about

I either forgot about this little dining area or didn't even know it was even there

Time lapse camera for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Time for "A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe"

"I am ready to get this show started"

Bert helping some Guests decided what to do next at Disneyland

Oh Bert, now really.

Well that will conclude today's pictorial
Thanks for stopping by and checking it out

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  1. The guy who plays Bert is so cute. He's just adorable! Please get lots of pictures of the Blue Sky Fantasy Faire display. I am dying to see more details about it! More pictures of the cute Bert, too, please!