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D23 Expo - Radiator Springs Reality: Imagineering Cars Land

Not opening till 2012, get a look at the history and making of Cars Land for Disney California Adventure.

Waiting patiently for the presentation to start

Host is Imagineer Dave Fisher.  From left to right - Kathy Mangum, John Lasseter, Jennifer Mok, Kevin Rafferty, and Roger Gould (from Pixar Animation Studios)

John with his Cars Land hard hat

John Lasse-tire

Family road trips

John holding his Casper doll with the pull string, which was somewhat an inspiration for Toy Story's Woody character

John's parents.  John said that he always loved cars from as far back as he can remember.

Kevin Rafferty

Before Cars and the whole Cars Land, there was concept for a new area  for Disney California Adventure.  And it was going to called "Carland"

Concept art for Carland.  The main thoroughfare was going to be called "Cruise Street"

The early version of a car style attraction for Carland

Marty's was to be the place to eat at

A proposed attraction was Road Trip USA

Cars travel past many famous landmarks

Just like the old Natures Thru Wonderland mine train attraction that was once in Frontierland at Disneyland, this attraction was to also go through their own version of a "rainbow caverns".

At one point, Guests could squirt the passengers inside the cars

One thing John did not understand when California Adventure opened was that there were no Disney characters. This is one concept to start getting the Disney characters into this Park

The attraction was to be called Junkyard Jamboree, which the title was then used for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.

With Disney buying Pixar, so it was suggested to merge the original concept of Carland and create the land out of the "Cars" movie.

One of John's favorite attractions as a kid

He was so hoping that one day technology for this attraction would be possible

Unlike the old Flying Saucers, Luigi's Flying Tires will let Guests spin in their tires

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.  Much of the structure that was in, what was the old Bountiful Valley Farm, will remain and be used for shaded queue

Vehicle for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Concept art for Radiator Springs Racers

Test Track from EPCOT. After John went on this attraction, wanted to use it for the big attraction for Cars Land.  He knew of the problems that had occurred before and after Test Track opened in EPCOT. But the imagineers told him that they have solved the problems.

Model mock-up

Getting ready for test drive

Inspiration for the land

The gentleman in the upper right corner (with the hat) carved the rock work for Cars Land.  He also did the volcano at Tokyo Disney Sea as well as the Tree of Life from Animal Kingdom

Ground broke July 8th, 2009

Time lapse of the construction of Cars Land

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree will be an enhanced version of Francis Ladybug Boogie in "a bug's land".  Mater will be singing as passengers are enjoying their ride

Looking down the main street of Cars Land

Unlike the movie "Cars", here at Disney California Adventure's "Cars Land", Guests will be able to walk inside the buildings

The inside of the buildings will be car inspired as well

The level of detailing

Flo's stone paneling

Looking at Luigi's Flying Tires.
I am going to guess the little cut-out (upper left) near the tire planters will be the area for wheelchair loading/unloading area

A "flying tire".  The joysticks make you move and spin

Each level of scaffolding is 8 feet.

First section of that was completed and scaffolding started to come down

This will be shaded queue for Radiator Springs Racers.  Which all the shaded queue, I am guessing that this land is going to be very hot.

Section of bridge that Guests will walk under as they wait in line for Radiator Springs Racers

A bank turn.  Kathy says this is what will grab your attention.  Even though Test Track in EPCOT reaches speeds up to 60mph, Racers will only reach a top speed of 40mph. But Racers will also include camel humps

Part of Tail Light Caverns.   Just like Big Thunder Mountain, Radiator Springs Racers will be one of those attractions that will feel different riding it during the day and night.

Jennifer Mok

Unsung hero for Cars Land.  She helped with all the landscaping that will be found throughout Cars Land

Goal was to add more shade into the land than what was found in the movie

Each area will have its landscaping themed.  For Sarge's  Surplus Hut, everything will be nicely cut.  The insert tree picture is of the tree that will be placed out front.  This particular tree was salvaged from one of the Disneyland Hotel projects and is being transformed for Cars Land

One way to see how certain trees will look in the area are by computer model and photoshop

Some of the landscaping theming for Flo's

Luigi's Casa Della Tires didn't have a front yard... a backyard was designed.

Inspiration for the backyard, which is the queue for Luigi's Flying Tires

Many species of desert plant life, which was considered for Cars Land

A cactus farm.  The right picture is of Mickey Mouse made out of horseshoes

It was a big challenging to find the right plant life that was seen in the movie.  But they managed to get very close to how it was depicted in the movie

The time line for Cars Land

How Flo's V8 Cafe looked in the movie

Because this was going to be a dinning area, actual space had to be created for seating area

Flo even has a history as being a show car

Getting inspiration for a Ramon's House of Body paint shop

Going to Route 66 for inspiration and knowledge of the area. The gentleman in the black sweater is a writer of books and has vast knowledge of Route 66 and it's history.  Kathy was quick to point out that while the gentleman was pointing in one direction, everyone else was looking at something in another direction.

One thing that was needed for Radiator Springs Racers was a load and unload area.  At first, an ideas was to do it in a town-like setting.  But when they came upon Chief Yellowhorse, they saw the rock formation. "It looks like an unload and load area"

And this is how it appears in the model

Stanley, founder of Radiator Springs

Stanley's Cap Tap.  Carburetor County's Capstone of Caps.  If We Don't Have Your Cap, It's Free.  Hate to Heat and Run? Idle On In!

Oh no! Watch out!

Mac was the first animatronic installed at Radiator Springs Racers

That will conclude the Cars Land session.

But wait....
There's more!

From the desert to the jungles...

John was telling his history about how he was a Cast Member at Disneyland, first working as a sweeper, then as a Jungle Cruise skipper in Adventureland.  It is the one thing he takes to heart because it taught him comedic timing.

Really hoping someone has a picture of him as a Jungle Cruise skipper

For the Disneyland's 50th anniversary, John was able to be a skipper once again on the Jungle Cruise

Contest for a picture of John as a Jungle Cruise Skipper.
From the sound of it, he only worked seasonal.  He worked the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season of '77, Easter and Grad Nights of '78.

Go to the website for all information

That will conclude this presentation of Cars Land for Disney California Adventure

Hope you enjoyed it :)

Until next time....

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  1. Carsland would be a truly surreal experience if this project comes into fruition. What a comeback after the demise of the Pixar animated flick Cars 2. Imagine driving through these roads on pre-rented cartoon cars without having to ride a tour bus!