Monday, August 29, 2011

Disney California Adventure's Temporary Entrance

Today was the first day the temporary entrance for Disney California Adventure opened for Guests to use as they start major work for Buena Vista Street.

I was able to stop by on my way home to check out the new temporary entrance.

Of the new temporary entrance, the first thing I notice are the flapping of real flags on top of the fins

About to head into California Adventure

Some concept art of what will come in 2012 are displayed throughout the temporary entrance.

The plaque for Cars Land states:
"Home of Radiator Springs Racers, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, and Luigi's Flying Tires"

The new posters for Disney California Adventure also appear throughout the wall of the temporary entrance

Red Car Trolley - "On track between Buena Vista Street and the Hollywood Tower Hotel"

Elias & Co. - "The finest department store on Buena Vista Street"

Carthay Circle - "The 'Premier' spot on Buena Vista Street"

Some posters to get Guests excited come next year

Carthay Circle - "The hub of activity on Buena Vista Street"

Buena Vista Plaza - "The gateway to Disney California Adventrue"

After entering the new entrance to Disney California Adventure, Guests make an immediate right to enter the new temporary entrance

Guest Relation trailer

Looking back from where I just came from.  Behind the brown wall (right side) is the main entrance

Following this path down, which is leading us behind Soarin' Over California

Radiator Springs - "Gateway to Ornament Valley and Radiator Springs Racers"

Half way through the path, behind Soarin' Over California, looking back

Facing forward, behind Soarin' Over California, almost to the end of the temporary walkway

Just around the bend is California Adventure

The wall to the right displays this sign for Guests who are exiting

Looking back towards where I just came from

Passage way to Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Over by the restrooms in Condor Flats

Over by the "Bear Left" billboard

The Guest Relations Information Station

Now I am going to be exiting back out of Disney California Adventure...

- Disneyland -

Riding the Monorail

- Back to Disney California Adventure -

To kill some time, I was playing with my camera and took some pictures with a different setting to see how they would turn out...

Around 7:00pm, the opened up one of the giant doors of the double gate for those who want to exit the Park

Cast Members were on hand to give out hand stamps to those that need them

Right side of the street is for incoming traffic from the temporary entrance, left side of the street is for those who are exiting the Park

Those that want to exit and go to Disneyland, they had to option of making a right and going back through the temporary entrance. Those who strictly want to exit, can go straight.

Mary Niven, Vice President of Disney California Adventure can be seen on the left with her hand out.

Exiting Disney California Adventure

I hope you enjoyed this pictorial of the new temporary entrance
Thanks for your patience and stopping by

Until Next Time...


  1. In the photos of the CCT, you can see that the new path on the opposite side of the fountain was already walled off and ready to go. It should be open today.

    BTW I love your photo updates. Thanks so much!

  2. At last... WIDESCREEN Photos... Wooooooo!
    You do a great job with your updates, I've been following you for about a year now... & now all of us with "Rectangle Monitors" can enjoy your pictures fullscreen without smashing them down flat. :) Please consider keeping your new camera settings.

  3. So what is going to happen in Summer 2012?

    Something special?

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