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D23 Expo Carousel of Projects

Come join us at the Parks and Resorts Pavilion and see all the wonderful projects taking place throughout the Disney company

The entrance for the Parks and Resort Pavilion - Carousel of Projects is suppose to represent the Carousel of Progress attraction that was at Disneyland, but then moved to Walt Disney World

Video of Carousel of Projects preshow

Once inside, there is a short presentation that goes through the history of the evolution of the Disney parks and what is to come

Beyond Disneyland...

Walt Disney World

EPCOT Center

Tokyo Disneyland!

Focusing on the Matterhorn. Someone doing a test run on the Matterhorn bobsleds

And now, Parks and Resorts Pavilion

Here's to the Future.  Here's to the future and you!

First thing you see when you exit the pre-show is the bow of a giant Disney Cruise ship

First stop is the Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland model

Concept drawing for the New Fantasyland

The giant New Fantasyland model on display for all to see

Looking towards Belle's cottage and the Beast's Castle

Water fountain in the village

Closer look at the fountain.  This would be Gaston and his bumbling sidekick, LeFou

Peeking over the Fantasyland Forest, is the new Little Mermaid attraction

In front of the Little Mermaid attraction is the all new Seven Dwarfs mine ride

I believe this is the loading station

The Seven Dwarfs mine ride takes the place of Cinderella's chateau in the previous New Fantasyland concept

In the far corner is Dumbo's Circus

The Barnstormer from Mickey's Toon Town Fair is still there. This time retitled the Great Goofini (or something like that)

On the backside of the Seven Dwarfs mine ride is a village themed to  the Little Mermaid, which would be to the right (not pictured)

The train station

Another look at the Seven Dwarfs mine train attraction

During the ride, these cars will tilt side to side

Withe the Seven Dwarfs mine train, there is no need for a Snow White's Scary Adventure

The entrance to Dumbo's Circus

Another look at the train station

A model of one of the cars for the Seven Dwarfs mine train

An idea on concept of what the new attraction will be like

Graphics of the tilt motion of the trains

An early stage mock-up design


This looks to seat two adults fine

Swinging side to side motion

For Disney California Adventure, a model of the Carthay Circle Theatre is on display

The marquee states that this will be the Carthay Circle Restaurant

On this model, it appears that there is a second level with outside seating

Model of Buena Vista Street

Walt and Mickey statue

Signage of what lies beyond Buena Vista Street

This gives an idea of what the place may look like once all the construction is completed at Disney California Adventure

This model must be old because the Hollywood Pictures Backlot marquee is still intact here. ha ha

A vehicle for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree on display

A vehicle from Radiator Springs Racers is on display

Seats 6

Underneath the vehicle

Ramone's House of Body Art car hoods

Panoramic view of the construction taking place for Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

Shanghai Disney Resort

Storybook Castle

Model of Shanghai Disneyland

Overview of how the Resort may look like

Well that will conclude for the Carousel of Projects
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  1. This was fantastic to look through! It's been nice to see all the tweets and photo blogs, it makes me feel like I was there! Great stuff :)