Thursday, August 25, 2011

Activity All Around

Visiting the Disneyland Resort on the "hottest day of the year".

Soon this side entrance will open up for Guests to walk though while work is being done for Buena Vista Street

Guest Relations sign

Carthay Circle Theatre

Hmm... where do I want to go first?  Paradise Pier, Mickey's Fun Wheel

More coverings for the building

The blue tarps around the shafts, I thought they would have used the same camouflage tarps Disney uses for the Castle when Grad Nites take place

Looking back at the Carthay

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Looking towards Cozy Cone Motel

Work continues over at Luigi's Flying Tires.  More wood fencing being placed

Radiator Springs Curios in the foreground and Luigi's Flying Tires in the background.  Looking at Luigi's Flying Tires, it looks like they have placed some padding along the perimeter of the floor

Looking at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Another closer look at Radiator Springs Curios

Looking towards the Carthay Circle Theatre

There's a lot of activity over at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

King Triton's Carousel getting the same treatment King Arthur Carousel received not too long ago.  And it looks like a row of sea creatures is missing. Possibly so they can get their new handle bars and steps

Handle bars and steps for the sea creatures

Over at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail -

Water! Water!

As it travels down the little brook

The cave of wonder is still dry though

When there is water in the creek...'s time for Duck Races!

On ground level looking at towards Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Cars Land view from the Blue Sky Cellar patio

Look at the Cadillac skyline

Still work being done


Carthay Circle Theatre steeple

A look at the pump house

More demolition

- Disneyland -

The teller windows have no disappeared

The building looks so much better and it makes for a wider walkway

Monorail down due to technical difficulties... what to do now?

Over in Fantasyland, the drummers from the Soundsational Parade.  I had missed the first couple of minutes of the performance, but it seemed like they got two "volunteers" and teached them to play the drums like they do.

Monorail finally up and running

The construction at the Carthay Circle Theatre area

This blocked pathway will open up soon and so they are placing a wall along side the Carthay

I can't wait to stand next to the Carthay

A new bobsled at the Matterhorn is being tested

Waiting for it to leave the station

Splash down!

These sleds look more like bobsleds compared to the ones to the right

A peak inside.  Because they were testing the sleds, sandbags were placed inside to mimic the weight of passengers

These sleds will still use seatbelts as their choice of restraint

Plaza Pavilion with signage out front explaining why it's closed

No wall blocking the front doors of the Emporium

Looks like more work is being done inside

The back half is getting reworked on

As I am heading out, another look at the fins for the new temporary entrance to Disney California Adventre

The wall received some themed lighting

That will conclude today's pictorial

Thank you for your patience and stopping by
I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Awesome photo update! Is the water coming back into Redwood Creek also coming to the dry streambeds outside of the Grand Californian (across from Rushin' River?). Thanks for all that you do!