Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carthay Circle Redirect

Today marked the first day that Guests were able to walk next to the Carthay Circle Theatre while walls still surrounded the building.  This redirect now reflects what the Disney California Adventure guide maps display.

Heading towards the Carthay Circle Theatre

Entering the wall maze

The Red Car Trolley tracks can be seen

A look at the pump house, which will be one of the stops for the Red Car Trolley

And there it is, being built, the Carthay Circle Theatre

Heading towards Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Looking towards Hollywood Pictures Backlot

From the Hollywood Pictures Backlot entrance, looking back where I just came from.  Took it from an angle because of the sun

Looking at the Carthay Circle Theatre

Heading back around

Another look at the pump house station

We see an "exit" sign

Looking down the parade route, towards "a bugs land" and beyond

Looking back towards the fountain area of Buena Vista Street

Another "exit" sign

Behind this wall is the Buena Vista Street fountain

Looking back at Carthay Circle Theatre.

Even with the exit signs, many Guests were getting lost as they tried to find Disney California Adventure's exit that is located next to Soarin' over California. In about a 5 minute span, I heard Guests ask a Cast Member 6 different times on where the exit was. And a custodial Cast Member even helped direct a few Guests towards the exit after she overheard them talking on which way to leave.

In a way, it reminds me of New Orleans Square at Disneyland.  I remember when I was younger, I always thought that place was so confusing and that it one could easily get lost. I guess that might be the same way here with Guests.

Dusk time

The old Greeting's From California gift shop marquee signs still lit up

That will conclude this pictorial
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