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D23 Expo - Buena Vista Street Sneak Peek

Welcome to Stage 28 and a sneak peek look at Buena Vista Street, the new entrance to Disney California Adventure

Our hosts for this presentation are Coulter Wynn, Ray Spencer, and Lisa Girolami

In the Disneyland and the other Magic Kingdoms around the world, Main Street U.S.A. can create emotion to Guests.  They want to bring some of the emotion to California Adventure, a place that never really had it.

Some concept art of what Buena Vista Street will offer Guests as they enter Disney California Adventure

Buena Vista Street is the street the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank is built

Some people don't realize that Walt Disney was an actual person.  They only see Walt Disney as a corporate name. But by having more of Walt's influences in Buena Vista Street, Guests may start to appreciate and become aware of who Walt Disney was.

The Red Car Trolley will be travelling through Buena Vista Steet

There will be two Red Car Trolleys running along the tracks. One will be painted as though it was from the early 1900's.  The other will be painted as though it was manufactured years later.  Possibly so that it doesn't specify a specific year, just a generalization time era.

A look at a color version of a Buena Vista Street blue print

The little park that is north of the Carthay Circle Theater,there on the sidewalk will be where the Walt and Mickey statue will stand

The red is what has been removed

More trees equals more shade, a constant complaint Disney California Adventure had over the years.  Palm trees may look nice, but they make Guest look up towards the sky.  Oak trees and smaller trees keep everyone's eyes focused around them.

The new entrance that just recently opened up

The wires for the Red Car Trolley will act the same way as the landscaped trees, in that it will keep everyone's eyes focused on what's around them

Different buildings were the inspiration of the facades of Buena Vista Street

By taking little designs here and there from multiple buildings, they can incorporate them in a way so that if you drive up to the real Hollywood, you wouldn't see the exact same buildings

Los Feliz, a place Walt Disney hung out in

Small references to real people make Buena Vista Street more intimate

Looking at color schematics of Buena Vista Street facades

Color palate

Inside, the buildings are getting redone as well. And will totally be different that what was previously there.
And just like Main Street USA, Guests can travel through the stores to avoid the weather like heat and rain

All the level of details that are going into Beuna Vista Street.  Many of the vendors working on the tiles have been around since the 1920's and 1930's.

This tile is going above the candy store.

Clarabelle's Ice Cream.  Which came first, Clarabelle's Ice Cream or Clarabelle Cow?  ;)

The idea for this tile is that they wanted to make it look good enough to eat

More references to the history of Walt Disney and Disneyland.  Candy Mountain, which was an attraction that was proposed for Fantasyland, but never built. Here, there will be a model of Candy Moutain

Little trolleys will run around it

Lush! The tree on the left is an Oak tree, the largest one Ray has ever seen being transported into that spot.  Something was that lacking in Disney's California Adventure

The fountain that the Red Car Trolleys will go around.

The fountain is based on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

The fountain is offset from the street so that you will not see Disneyland.  It is a way to immerse you into believing you were actually in another time

A picture that was taken a week ago at the fountain and the Carthay.  To the right is the Pump House.  This will act as a station for one of the Red Car Trolley stops. The other stops are - front of the Park, Animation Building, and Tower of Terror.

Speaking of the Pump House, with the architecture of the Pump House and the Carthay Circle Theatre, it creates this "portal" to the other areas of Disney California Adventure and through this "portal", trees will be aplenty. (possibly referring to the ones along "it's tough to be a bug" and around the perimeter of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree)

The Carthay Circle Theatre, the place Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered.

Gonna take a fly-by look inside of the Carthay

Two levels here in the restaurant

With Disneyland having the Walt and Mickey statue, Buena Vista Steet will get its own version.

Unlike the model from the Carousel of Projects pavilion, where the Walt and Mickey statue was placed at the entrance, this statue will be in a different place.  Guests will actually be able to go up to the Walt and Mickey statue.

And now... a reveal of what the Marquette statue

All three of them posing with the statue

Down in the Carousel of Projects pavilion...

Finding a spot light and creating a barricade so no one stands there

Bringing out the Marquette

Ray giving some information about the Marquette

And now another reveal

Oooh ... Aawww

Even Mickey's luggage has his initials

See you in Buena Vista Street!

Hope you enjoyed this pictorial
Thanks for your patience and stopping by to check it out.

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  1. This was a great panel discussion. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a huge group lined up for this presentation.

    It was clear that this project has been a labor of love for Ray and Coulter.